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May 9, 2018

Lacy Phillips episode continues! This part of the episode shifts more into Lacy interviewing us. We continue the conversation of manifesting, connecting to your lightness and darkness, and your femininity and masculinity. We also discuss Sophie’s story more in-depth; her shadow, expectations, growing up, and developing.


If you haven’t already heard our Going Deep episode or the first part of this conversation with Lacy, we highly recommended you go back and take a listen. A lot of what we discuss in this episode relates back to these episodes and helps to put a lot of what we speak about today in context.

We hope you enjoy this second part! Thanks for listening!


Topics Discussed:

[:29] About the second part of our episode with Lacy Phillips.

[6:33] DM or email us about if you connected more to your lightness or darkness growing up.

[8:18] Sophie reads a passage from Aarona’s Moon Deck on the shadow card.

[9:58] The importance of balancing the lightness and darkness, and confronting and dealing with conflict in your life.

[16:23] Our relationship tip of the week, and mine and Sophie’s experiences with conflict growing up.

[25:22] Lacy asks Sophie to talk about how she’s managed to balance and tap into both her masculine and feminine side.

[28:33] Lacy asks Sophie to speak about some of the practices she does to tap into her masculine or feminine side deeper.

[33:37] The struggles in our relationship, tapping into our masculine and feminine energy, and how cheating provided a ‘gift’ for us in our healing.

[42:18] Uncovering the power we’re giving away and finding your self-worth to manifest.

[47:57] The best advice Lacy has ever received.

[48:46] Lacy’s proudest moment.

[50:42] Lacy’s hardest moment.

[52:36] Lacy’s self-care ritual.

[54:33] What ignites Lacy?


Relationship Tip of the Week

Conflict is a big part of a relationship. If you’re trying to create a relationship that is devoid of conflict — good luck, it’s not going to happen. What we need to focus on instead of avoiding conflict is how to have healthy, constructive conflict. To really understand your partner and to understand why they fight the way that they do, is to find out what model they had for conflict growing up. How their families dealt with conflict can reveal a lot about how they deal with arguments now. Talk to your partner and figure out where you want to go with conflict resolution in shaping your new model.


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