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Dec 23, 2020

This week we are excited to be joined by a close friend of ours, Melissa Wood! Melissa is a digital entrepreneur, the founder of Melissa Wood Health, and the creator of The MWH Method. Not only do we love her transformative, game-changing workouts, but we love her and her family as well. She’s inspirational, incredible, and is transforming the lives of people all around the world by helping them build a better, stronger relationship with themselves.


As always, we get into some pretty deep stuff in this episode. Melissa shares her personal story of struggling to find her place in this world, as well as the ups and downs of the relationships that came along with it. Oftentimes — and especially with social media — we tend to hold people up on a pedestal and think that they are perfect. But in reality, we’re only actually seeing a small fraction of their lives. In our conversation with Melissa today, she pulls back the curtain on perfection and speaks about the reality of life behind-the-scenes of a recovering perfectionist. She shares about overcoming her struggles with feelings of shame and worthlessness; facing her sh*t to reach her truest potential; seeking conflict, friction, and tough conversations in order to grow; finding the time to connect intimately and emotionally with her partner through ‘micro-moments’; and much, much more. There were so many key insights from Melissa in this episode and we know you guys are going to love the raw, honest conversation we had with her.


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Topics Discussed:

[2:20] About our last few weeks and today’s episode with our close friend, Melissa.

[7:59] The conversation portion of the podcast with Melissa Wood.

[9:46] Melissa speaks about her relationship, self-discovery, and codependency.

[12:16] Melissa shares about her past relationships and her struggles with feelings of not fitting in and not being enough.

[15:07] About Melissa’s recent breakthrough.

[16:36] The magic that happens when you give yourself space and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

[20:49] A key part of Melissa’s journey that she wants to share with others: her life is not perfect  — and that’s OK.

[24:53] From feeling trapped to experiencing freedom in a relationship; Melissa shares her experience with past relationships and what makes her current relationship so different.

[32:23] Sophie shares how her relationships have impacted her path as well.

[34:00] Melissa reflects on when we released our podcast sharing all of the ups and downs in our own relationship.

[35:15] The importance of being radically transparent with your life and your story online, not being a perfectionist, and giving others “permission” to also not be perfect.

[38:42] About a podcast by GoDaddy that we’re really excited about: School of Hustle!

[39:29] The keys to giving yourself space, room to reflect, time to yourself, and leeway in not having a perfect relationship.

[41:21] Melissa shares more key insights and lessons from past relationships (and her current relationship) on the themes of growth, compromising, facing your sh*t, and reaching your truest potential.

[50:30] Why seeking conflict, friction, and having these tough conversations leads to these important moments and opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

[53:36] How Melissa and Noah make and find the time to connect intimately and emotionally… and the importance of “micro-moments.”

[1:02:18] Melissa’s tips for connecting and communicating better with your partner.

[1:06:00] What’s the best advice Melissa has ever received?

[1:07:42] What is one of Melissa’s proudest moments to-date?

[1:08:54] What has been one of Melissa’s hardest moments to-date?

[1:10:14] Melissa’s self-care practices and daily non-negotiables.

[1:12:05] What ignites Melissa?

[1:13:38] Melissa speaks about her journey of becoming centered and grounded.

[1:15:46] Thanking Melissa for joining us today and sharing her story.


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