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Jan 23, 2019

This week, we have an amazing guest (and friend) joining us — Tricia Huffman, AKA ‘Your Joyologist.’ Her work graces every part of our home and has for a really long time. All of her products evoke joy and are incredibly inspirational. Her products are beyond affirmations — they’re reminders of things you need to remember and who you really are. They keep us grounded and fill us up — they’re all-day-long, helpful reminders!


Tricia’s mission is to inspire everyone to live their lives to the fullest and love yourself throughout it all. Some of her products include notepads, wine glasses, and fridge magnets sporting her insightful one-of-a-kind sayings. She also has her own affirmation deck called Own Your Awesome, as well as an accompanying affirmation app by the same name.


There are so many great takeaways in today’s episode! Join us to hear more about Tricia’s journey; many of the lessons she has learned along the way; her mantras and philosophies in life; her ideas and thoughts around self-love and self-care; and of course, more about her amazing products and what led her to create them.


Topics Discussed:

[2:22] About this week’s episode with our guest, Tricia.

[4:06] A recent interaction Sophie had about the healing tool that is radical transparency.

[7:25] More about Tricia and her endeavors!

[9:20] Don’t forget to screenshot a part of the podcast that resonates with you, tag us and Tricia, and share online!

[9:48] Reading a 5-star review from a fantastic listener.

[12:05] The conversation portion of the podcast with Tricia.

[15:38] Tricia explains her mantra: “F*ck the shoulds. Do the wants.”

[21:36] Answer this question and tag us online: How many people who are listening right now, grew up with a completely different view of the world? Especially that there were right ways and wrong ways to live? What and when changed your perspective?

[24:17] Why you should live your true, authentic self!

[28:38] Introducing Tricia (AKA Your Joyologist) and her amazing products.

[36:08] When and how Tricia and Sophie originally met.

[36:23] Tricia’s epiphany of living her life her own way, her journey to embracing self-love, and realizing her dream of becoming a sound engineer… and then Your Joyologist!

[41:41] Tricia’s words of encouragements for those setting out to pursue their dreams.

[53:27] About Tricia’s affirmation app, Own Your Awesome.

[58:14] What is the best advice Tricia has ever received?

[59:20] Tricia’s proudest moment.

[1:01:45] Tricia’s most challenging moment.

[1:04:54] Tricia’s self-care rituals.

[1:08:12] What ignites Tricia.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Your Joyologist

Own Your Awesome Deck

Own Your Awesome App

Gary Vee

Tony Robbins


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