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Jul 22, 2020

F*ck shame: this is a phrase that comes up so often for us and really gets at the heart of what we’re all about. So, of course, we had to have a whole month dedicated to it! We are going to hit up shame in many different ways so we hope you’ll join us this month for this powerful theme.


And sticking right to our theme of f*ck shame, today we’re focusing on body image, our relationship to our bodies, and body positivity. Joining us is Dana Suchow, an expert in the field of body image, self-love, and eating disorder prevention. She is an award-winning speaker, educator, and coach who works with parents, teachers, and caregivers by giving them the tools that they need to raise children who love their bodies and themselves!


Dana is so incredibly knowledgable about this topic and we are so excited for you all to listen to her story about struggling and overcoming body image difficulties. She covered a lot of ground in this episode. She talks about body confidence, eliminating old programming, toxic masculinity, how shame shows up around your body image, how to talk to yourself and your children to improve body image, the importance of body diversity in the media, body neutrality vs. body positivity, and so much more.


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Topics Discussed:

[:01] About our IGNTD Subscription.

[2:25] About this month’s new topic theme!

[2:56] Reading our review of the week.

[4:02] Sophie shares her quote of the week.

[5:44] The complex conversation we have with ourselves around body image.

[8:00] Talking triggers, shame, addictive behavior, and body image.

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[13:58] The conversation portion of the podcast with Dana Suchow!

[14:19] Dana shares her story of how she has gotten to this place of doing the work that she does now. Growing up and her own struggles with body image, eating disorders, and self-confidence.

[20:00] Confirmation bias and how society impacts young teens, especially girls.

[21:22] Why Dana does the work that she does and the systemic way that body image issues are passed down from generation to generation.

[23:20] How shame shows up around your body image.

[26:54] How to talk to yourself regarding body image.

[28:40] How to talk to your children to improve their body image.

[31:03] Dana speaks on toxic masculinity, societal homophobia, and gender stereotypes.

[32:03] How have body image issues become more prevalent among men? And because of it becoming more prevalent among men, has it lessened at all for women?

[39:25] Dana shares her wisdom on how health is so much more than the external; it’s about loving and respecting yourself.

[41:11] The importance of diversity and body positivity.

[44:27] How long will it take to shift to a body positivity society?

[45:55] Our job right now as individuals to shift society, as a whole, around body image.

[47:52] Dana gives her thoughts on body neutrality and whether it’s a way to have a more positive body image.

[50:13] Does Dana find that most people have resistance around sharing their own story due to shame? And how can they take the first step to overcoming that shame?

[54:18] How radical transparency helped us heal and overcome shame in our own story.

[56:55] Dana explains why the perfect ideal doesn’t exist.

[58:16] Dana shares some advice around the struggles of healing.

[1:01:04] Dana shares the best advice she’s ever received.

[1:02:36] What has been Dana’s proudest moment to-date?

[1:04:58] What has been Dana’s hardest moment to-date?

[1:06:58] Dana shares some of the important pieces of her self-care routine.

[1:08:29] What ignites Dana?

[1:11:21] Where to find Dana online and access her resources.

[1:12:38] Dana provides some last few pieces of wisdom to listeners.

[1:13:44] Thanking Dana for joining the podcast!


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