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Jan 3, 2018

Today we’re talking about overcoming massive, incredible challenges — the kinds of things you never thought you could get through. When it comes to big achievements that do not work out perfectly, a lot of people figure it wasn’t meant to be and give up on their goals. What I think is really important — and I tell this with every single client of mine — is that all great achievements and successes follow many, many failures. Think President Lincoln; he lost eight gubernatorial races before becoming President — eight! How many of us would go through eight cycles of running for office? That’s 30 years. Doing anything worthwhile in life is going to take effort.

Our guest today, is on a whole other level. She knows all about getting through the uncomfortable and even enjoys the thrill of not knowing when she can get through something and still continuing to push on through. Meredith Kessler is an 11-time Ironman Champion and 21-time Half Ironman Champion (an incredibly challenging triathlon that takes over 8 hours to complete). On top of that, she completed her last one pregnant! Meredith is such a powerhouse; an absolute inspiration — but also very laid back and grateful.

Listen in to this week’s episode on the lessons Meredith has learned throughout her athletic career and how she was able to accomplish these massive, incredible successes in her lifetime.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] Our topic today: overcoming massive, incredible challenges.

[1:00] One of the challenges Sophie is going through now: pregnancy.

[5:50] Some of the challenges from my past.

[8:37] The tricks and tools that Sophie uses to get through a tough challenge.

[10:06] What I use as motivation to get through a challenge.

[10:43] Anxiety and meditation.

[12:39] Our communication style that helps separate ‘goals and work talk’ from our relationship.

[13:44] The advice I offer to clients to help them push past ‘failure’ and continue towards their goals.

[16:10] About our powerhouse of a guest today, Meredith.

[20:10] What an Ironman Triathlon is.

[21:50] Meredith’s main motivation to get into the Ironman Triathlon and what she loves about it.

[23:17] The process and ritual of training and Meredith’s love for sports.

[24:56] Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable; what allows Meredith to break through this barrier.

[26:57] Anything worthwhile in life takes effort and work; ‘showing up’ to your relationship, work, etc.

[27:45] The five lessons Meredith has learned from sports that have helped her through life and develop a ‘we’ mindsight.

[29:54] The assumption that someone successful is gifted and the falsity of that belief.

[32:08] How Meredith pushes through the losses and ‘failures.’

[33:33] Not letting people taking credit for her failures.

[34:27] Embarking on her new phase of life: Meredith’s athletic goals and giving birth to her new baby.

[35:36] Meredith’s hardest moments.

[38:20] Meredith’s struggles outside of the racing world.

[40:00] What is Meredith’s go-to self-care routine?

[41:20] What ignites Meredith?


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Instagram: @mbkessler

Facebook: @mbkessler55

Twitter: @mbkessler


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“The True Struggles of Transformation,” Adi Jaffe, TEDx Huntsville


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