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Dec 25, 2020

Adam Sud joins us today to share his rockbottom and addiction recovery story which didn't involve abstinence but instead a plant-based diet. Now he's researching the link between nutrition and addiction. 

(1:00) Family SOS Program

(2:00) Interview starts with Adam, Adam’s Addiction to Adderall story

(11:45) Yohan Hair, “At its core addiction is about not wanting to be present in your life, because your life has become too painful a place to be.”

(13:00) What addiction feels like.

(15:20) When Adam Sud hit rockbottom.

(18:00) Adam checked into rehab a nd was diagnosed with a slew of diseases.

(19:00) The power of plant-based nutrition.

(21:50) Dopamine – the reward drug.



Family SOS Program

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