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Nov 25, 2020

Since our first story podcast aired, we have updates! And we’re here to answer all the questions we’ve received from you. We’re going real deep this month, bringing back an old episode about our relationship story - where we started, the traumas and cheating that played out between us, the ways we've hurt one another, and the work we continue to do to dedicate ourselves to our marriage and rebuild while still being madly in love. Stay tuned until the end where we answer a lot of your questions and curiosities. 


When enough is enough

How to sustain the ups and downs 

Doghouse Rules 

Our #1 secret to sustaining love in the rebuild 

We know how much this episode has impacted you all and we’d would love to hear how this re-cap and update might be helping you have hope. We’ve been there, we’re here for you!

Love, Sophie + Adi 

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