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Jul 18, 2018

It has officially been five weeks since Noah has been with us, so it’s the perfect time to have first-time mom, Ali Levine, and co-host, Amanda Lauren, from Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About on the show! Ali even brought her baby, Amelia Rei, along with her. So if you’re not a fan of babies making noises — be warned — you may want to take off for the interview portion of today’s podcast!


Ali Levine is a celebrity stylist, tv personality, and fashion expert. Her work appears all across television and she has been dubbed the new “IT” girl in the celebrity styling world. Amanda Lauren is a writer, comedian, and self-coined “Jackie of all trades. Marilyn of none.” Both their podcast and their blogs were started with the goal in mind of empowering, inspiring, and helping women.


This episode is interesting because we have Amanda — who doesn’t have kids — and Ali, who just had her first baby. Then we have us — who have been down this road for a little bit longer — so it was very interesting to connect across all of these different channels. Even if you don’t have children, are not married, or are even in a relationship, there are so many useful nuggets and incredible takeaways in today’s episode. We cover lots of different topics — parenting, motherhood, female friendships, learning to prioritize self-care, how to overcome overworking, and more — so tune in!


Topics Discussed:

[:31] Life update and about this week’s episode.

[9:31] Relationship tip of the week!

[12:30] About our relationship workshop and my book, The Abstinence Myth.

[14:55] The interview portion of the podcast.

[15:37] About our guests, Ali Levine and Amanda Lauren.

[19:03] The world of mom communities and groups.

[23:45] How Ali and Amanda met and became really connected.

[28:25] The beginning of Ali and Amanda’s collaboration relationship and forming of their podcast, Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About.

[30:24] How we’re all working to overcome our “overworking” work ethic, and the importance of taking things slow and prioritizing self-care.

[40:53] Learning to let go of the reins and delegating tasks (to free up time for yourself).

[50:00] About Ali’s amazing jewelry line that is sold at Nordstrom.

[51:48] Ali and Amanda’s organic, collaborative relationship when it comes to their podcast.

[54:17] The importance of finding your tribe and female friendships after marriage.

[57:02] Becoming adults and our relationships with our parents.

[1:02:57] The best advice Ali and Amanda have ever received.

[1:05:35] Ali’s and Amanda’s proudest moment.

[1:08:00] Ali’s and Amanda’s most difficult moment.

[1:10:07] Ali’s and Amanda’s self-care rituals.

[1:13:03] What makes Ali and Amanda feel most ignited.


Relationship Tip of the Week

Be flexible. Find a way to not be overly rigid with your expectations of what life is “supposed” to look like. It becomes easier to overcome the real struggles when you practice flexibility with the smaller stuff.


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