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Nov 21, 2018

Today we’re bringing you the best of the best: a really fun, exciting episode with our guest, Kimberly Caldwell! She is incredibly gifted; has a great, positive energy; and has had some amazing opportunities come her way — but it hasn’t all come naturally — she has been working hard at this for thirty years. She is truly a hustler and entrepreneur!


In case you don’t know who Kim Caldwell is, she’s a mother, wife, and well-known singer, actress, and T.V. hostess. You may remember her as a finalist on American Idol’s second season or as an entertainment correspondent and host from a variety of shows, including Best Ink, American Idol, Reality Chat, and more.


Recently, she has been a recurring panelist on The Steve Harvey Show all about “Straight Talk” and is working on her incredible, handmade leather bags. You can see more of what she’s up to on her website, at


In today’s episode, you’ll hear about her life beyond what you can read online — from her experience as a young performer, learning to nurture her craft; to her marriage and relationship; and her journey and experience in LA. She also speaks about some of her challenges with fostering her creativity, the importance of being weird (and being ‘you’!), and some of the best advice she has ever received. Things have not always been easy for Kim, and she shares some of these challenges and how she’s gotten through to the other side, with all of you today.


Topics Discussed:

[1:36] About today’s episode and guest!

[5:48] Reading a review from our fan of the week.

[7:09] Another quick shoutout to Kevin Paris for our incredible music on IGNTD.

[7:50] More about our guest, Kimberly Caldwell, and how we originally met her.

[12:30] Our relationship tip of the week.

[21:13] The conversation portion of the podcast!

[22:24] Kim gives a small introduction to herself, her family, and some of her accomplishments.

[34:52] When did Kim first discover her passion for performing and singing?

[38:07] Similarly to our Leo (our little performer), Kim tells us her experience from when she was a young performer herself.

[45:00] Kim reminds us it’s good to be weird!

[48:52] About Kim’s husband, Jordan Harvey — how they met, his career as a soccer player, and the journey of their marriage.

[52:26] Ours, and Kim’s, journey and challenges in LA.

[56:00] Kim’s trials and tribulations with her creativity and ideas.

[58:00] Manifesting positivity, opportunities, and the reality you want.

[59:22] The best advice Kim has ever received.

[1:01:12] Kim’s proudest moment.

[1:02:07] Kim’s hardest moment.

[1:04:56] Kim’s self-care rituals.

[1:07:06] What ignites Kim!


Relationship Tip of the Week

In a strong partnership, two whole, independent individuals make up the team. In a T-type relationship, one person is dependent on the other, and if the main part of the ‘T’ falls, the other person does as well. In an A-type relationship, both people are leaning against each other, supporting one another — but, if either person moves, then both sides fall down, signifying co-dependence. Then there’s the interdependent relationship, which is an H-type relationship. Both people are standing up straight, with a piece connecting them in the middle. But if they left the relationship, separating the ‘H,’ they can both stand up still. You definitely want to be in an H-type relationship!


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