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Mar 20, 2019

Our special guest today is LaRayia Gaston. LaRayia has a beautiful soul and, like us, believes that radical self-love is the foundation for permanent healing. Her organization, Lunch On Me, distributes organic food to the homeless and foster youth. They bring nutritious and organic meals to skid row six days a week, every week — serving over 10,000 meals a month.


In our world, a lot of people often forget that purpose and service are even a part of the equation of measuring success and happiness — but that cannot be said about LaRayia. When LaRayia is on one of her food runs, she’s home. Every day, her mission drives her; giving service to those in need fills her up and brings joy to not only her but everyone around her.


In this episode, LaRayia talks about her non-profit organization, Lunch On Me; what led her to start it up, her values and beliefs around giving and serving others, and her purpose and mission in life. We also discuss the unfair stigma against homelessness, the importance of connecting with your neighbors and lending a helping hand, how to get involved (even if you have children!), how to make contributing a part of your life, and most importantly, why you should make contributing a part of your life. We hope you’ll join us for this fantastic episode!


Topics Discussed:

[:28] An update on our life.

[3:01] Reading our review of the week!

[4:10] Reflecting on our recent workshop and retreat.

[9:50] About our guest today. LaRayia Gaston.

[11:20] About our 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge!

[11:49] More about LaRayia.

[12:12] Our relationship tip of the week.

[13:10] Where to check out Lunch On Me online.

[13:47] Don’t forget to check out the IGNTD event’s page and Sophie’s cleanse event!

[15:27] Conversation portion of the podcast.

[15:42] The importance of service and purpose (and how LaRayia encompasses both!)

[16:45] About LaRayia’s vision for her nonprofit organization, Lunch On Me, and what inspired her to get started.

[31:22] The impulsive decision that ultimately led LaRayia to start Lunch On Me.

[34:20] Talking about our relationship to everybody around us.

[35:53] The unfair stigma a lot of people have against homeless people.

[39:46] Shifting your perspective on homelessness.

[41:00] The unfair stigma with children in the foster care system.

[47:50] The timeline of LaRayia’s organization and the progression of her goals.

[49:50] About LaRayia’s drive to serve fresh, healthy, amazing, nutrient-rich food.

[56:17] How to get involved with Lunch On Me or help out!

[57:11] The importance of connecting with your neighbors and lending a helping hand.

[1:00:35] LaRayia’s ask: dedicate one day out of the month to social good.

[1:01:14] What is a good way for kids to get involved?

[1:02:30] Our challenge to everyone listening right now: if you’re serious about making your life better, start contributing to other people’s lives. If you make helping a part of your day-to-day, your life will get better.

[1:05:30] The best advice LaRayia’s ever received.

[1:05:58] LaRayia’s proudest moment to-date.

[1:07:04] What are LaRayia’s hardest moments?

[1:09:28] LaRayia’s self-care rituals.

[1:14:27] What gets LaRayia ignited?


Relationship Tip of the Week

Think about contribution in the bigger sense. Be honest in your relationships right away about what you need and do your best to give the other person what they need, too. This will help you both feel fulfilled and connected. Think about this concept of tidings and giving from a relationship standpoint. What would that look like if you showed up to your relationship and said, “What can I give my partner to make the relationship better?”


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