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Dec 6, 2017

Today’s topic is all about self-love — your relationship with yourself, improving that relationship, and how to fall more in love with who you are. The most important relationship you’re ever going to have in your life is going to be with yourself because that self-love is what makes you able to progress forward in life. You really have to take time for yourself and go inwards to understand and discover you.

Our guest this week is Dr. Taz, whose recent book, Super Woman RX, is all about helping people figure out what their bodies and tendencies can suggest to them about what their life should look like in terms of nutrition, exercise, and movement. Dr. Taz is a Western-trained physician who became really interested in — and exposed to — Eastern methodology. Her goal is to help women look inward and understand themselves better. Dr. Taz has worked in emergency medicine, pediatrics, preventative medicine and now considers herself a Specialist in integrative and functional medicine.

In this episode, Dr. Taz describes her entryway into medicine, how she transitioned from traditional medicine to her current specialization in integrative medicine, her work at Centre Spring MD, her tips and tricks for living a healthier lifestyle, and her own self-care rituals. She also takes a deep dive into describing her new book, Super Woman RX, and describes the five main power types and how it can help you improve your lifestyle by better understanding yourself. Stay tuned!


Topics Discussed:

[:27] Our introduction our topic of today, self-love.

[1:40] Tools and techniques that work for us to finetune that relationship and intimacy with ourselves.

[8:18] Tips for starting a journal and keeping track of your feelings.

[9:22] Resources we recommend to help balance your life.

[10:57] How becoming more in tune with your spirituality can help with intimacy.

[12:23] Introducing our guest for this week, Dr. Taz.

[15:06] Welcoming Dr. Taz to the podcast.

[15:57] I ask Dr. Taz what her entryway into medicine was and how she transitioned from traditional medicine practice to where she is now.

[18:15] Dr. Taz’s Practice, Centre Spring MD.

[19:03] Dr. Taz’s knack for writing.

[19:59] Dr. Taz’s beliefs and thoughts about learning in medicine.

[22:54] Business growth at Dr. Taz’s Practice and how she trains new employees that have a traditional medicine education to adopting alternative practices.

[25:04] About Dr. Taz’s new book, Super Woman RX.

[27:35] What Dr. Taz has learned about her daughter after she took her online quiz, and about the different power types.

[30:44] Figuring out what’s best for you, not following a strict guide, and avoiding ‘wellness fatigue.’

[33:51] One of the things that fuel Dr. Taz in her Practice.

[36:00] Dr. Taz walks us through the specifications of her most popular power type, ‘Boss Lady,’ from her Super Woman RX book.

[38:08] Dr. Taz describes another power type, ‘Earth Momma.’
[39:38] Dr. Taz’s self-care rituals.

[41:00] What gets Dr. Taz IGNTD.


Where to Find Our Guest — Dr. Taz


Book: Super Woman RX

Business: Centre Spring MD


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


Wheel of Life

Marianne Williamson’s Livestreams

Andrew Weil, MD

Adi Jaffe’s Revitalize Talk


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