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May 2, 2018

Today we’re going to talk about the idea of manifestation and trying to create the life that you want. Perspective is so powerful. ‘Showing up’ to your day and shifting your perspective can make all the difference in your life. You have to be open to the possibility that there’s always another way. It’s important to open your heart to different philosophies and methodologies but it’s also so important to take it all with a grain of salt and tap into your own intuition and tune into what feels right and resonates with you.


In the context of this manifestation conversation, it’s not just about positive thinking and repeating a mantra every day — you’ve also got to show up and do the work.


Our guest this episode, Lacy Phillips, really puts this in perspective through attainable and practical language that you can use to begin impacting your life today. Her story tells us that we have to stay open and listen to ourselves to truly customize our own approach to life.


When Lacy Phillips first became interested in manifestation and the power to control your own reality, she read all of the books she could get her hands on related to the topic. She discovered she was a powerful manifestor — but not in the ways any of the books outlined. She made the change to watch what she did and learned to manifest in her own way. She describes this way as “neuroscience meets psychology, with a little bit of spirituality on top of it,” with a strong focus on the subconscious mind, healing the inner child, and working through your shadow.


This episode went a little longer than usual so we’ve split it up into two parts. Look forward to the second half in a future episode!


Topics Discussed:

[:34] About our topic today, manifestation, switching your perspective, and creating the life that you want.

[14:25] Relationship tip of the week!

[19:17] If you or anybody you know is struggling with any kind of addiction, check out the IGNTD Recovery course — check it out today for the free, one hour workshop.

[23:18] Interview section of the podcast with our guest, Lacy Phillips.

[24:11] About Lacy’s work.

[25:05] What we’re going to be discussing in this episode with Lacy.

[28:58] About the concept and power behind manifestation, and how Lacy stumbled into this line of work.

[34:39] Lacy’s beliefs on manifestation and how she helps others — from all walks of life — manifest.

[43:24] The importance of getting down to what you truly want to manifest and understanding your intentions beneath things.

[51:40] Why hitting rock bottom can lead to the most enlightening moments in your life from stepping into your most authentic, worthy self. Tap into what you really love to do and money will follow.

[56:19] The advice Lacy would give to somebody who has recently hit rock bottom, to help them align with their authentic self.

[1:01:23] Lacy’s formula for manifesting called, ‘Lessons and Tests.’

[1:02:30] My ‘lesson and test,’ during my time dealing.

[1:07:18] How hitting rock bottom is a sign of the universe trying to wake you up and help manifest your authentic self and connect with your agency.

[1:13:18] How to build a good manifestor/raise a child as a parent. And why your darkness and experiences have made you, you — and making the choice to step into your authentic self.

[1:17:29] The three main principles of the book I’m writing now: honest exploration, radical acceptance, individualized transformation — and how they relate to manifestation.

[1:18:57] About Lacy’s claircognizance and responding to her thoughts and questions on addiction.

[1:27:10] Explaining to Lacy and her community my process and steps for working with clients that struggle with addiction and the three areas I look at when I begin to help them.

[1:34:18] ‘The Reverse Bike’ video I share to a lot of my clients that could help you get out of your ‘stuck’ pattern.

[1:35:10] Ending the interview here and saving the rest for a future episode! Look forward to hearing more from Lacy in a future episode.


Relationship Tip of the Week

Loving someone and being in a relationship is a decision — not just a feeling. So many people rely on the early feelings of their relationship as their guide to determine whether or not they should stay in the relationship. The honeymoon phase is amazing — but it is just temporary. It’s important to show up and do the work to continue to make the relationship work. Make a decision that you are going to do the things that make your relationship what you want it to be, continue to finetune, and always try new things to continue to deepen your relationship.


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