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Aug 21, 2019

Today’s conversation is really about finding balance, protecting your needs, being self-serving, and focusing on lifting yourself up. Because, when you help yourself first, you help others just by being. When you really understand what being “selfish” means you create an environment that elevates not only you but everyone around you — your friends and family.


Talking about balance is easy, but understanding yourself, setting strong boundaries, and really putting all of this into practice can be challenging. Which is why we have special guest Lauren Kleinman joining us today! Lauren is a Marketing and Growth Consultant for direct-to-consumer, impact-driven health and wellness companies. She runs her own company, Lauren Kleinman Consultancy, and is extremely passionate about helping emerging, innovative brands tackle big challenges.


Join us as we get deep and talk about the importance of honoring your space first, and others second; creating a space of self-care so you are motivated by love and others around you (and vice-versa); how to set boundaries; and work with intention. Lauren also tells us all about her journey from working for a company to starting her own, how she found her work/life balance, how she has worked through conflict, and highlights some of the best parts of working for yourself!


Topics Discussed:

[:37] Discussing this month’s theme, framily.

[1:01] Reading a review!

[1:48] Sophie reads a quote for us.

[2:21] The importance of being self-serving and showing up to do the work!

[9:51] Why it is so crucial to surround yourself with those who support and uplift you in your life.

[17:57] The conversation portion of the podcast!

[18:13] About Lauren’s background in the PR/business/marketing world and her transition to starting her own business in consultancy.

[26:13] Why showing up with intention makes all the difference.

[28:00] What Lauren learned after she left her job and started her own business.

[32:21] How Lauren has made more space for spending time with her family.

[35:40] Setting boundaries when you work for yourself.

[38:08] Lauren speaks about the power of communication and how she and her partner work through conflicts.

[43:23] The problem with getting stuck on facts in conflict.

[46:49] Lauren highlights some of what she has found to love the most about working for herself.

[51:21] Has Lauren been able to take more time off? What is her schedule like now that she’s working for herself?

[53:34] What is the best advice Lauren has ever received?

[56:32] What is the proudest moment Lauren has had, to-date?

[56:53] What has been Lauren’s most difficult moment, to-date?

[58:33] Lauren’s favorite self-care rituals.

[1:02:45] What gets Lauren ignited?

[1:04:10] Thanks to Lauren for joining us this week!


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