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Jan 31, 2018

Today, we’re going to talk about something that Sophie helped me change in my own life, and that is how to keep yourself healthy and your nutrition balanced — even when you’re busy or away from home.

This topic leads us perfectly into our guest today, Courtney Swan, who is Tove Lo’s — and fellow bandmates’ — nutritionist. Courtney travels all over the world and keeps the entire 12-member band of musicians healthy in every town that they travel. There are no excuses; if Courtney can figure out a way to make nutrition work on this scale, then all of us can.

Join us to listen in on all of Courtney’s tools, tips, and tricks for leading a healthy lifestyle. If you’re just starting out on your health journey, or if you are healthy when you’re at home but fall off the wagon when you travel — this episode will be perfect for you.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About our topic today — keeping yourself healthy and keeping your nutrition balanced.

[3:14] Sophie’s health journey — the ups and downs.

[9:03] Fueling your body with the right stuff; eating for health over taste and shifting your mindset.

[10:10] About our guest today — Courtney Swan.

[11:09] It’s all in moderation — the key to enjoying yourself while keeping your nutrition in check.

[14:10] What’s to come in the Courtney Swan interview!

[16:30] Welcoming Courtney to the podcast.

[18:18] Courtney’s day-to-day work going on tour as Tove Lo’s nutritionist.

[20:07] The first step Courtney takes when they enter a new city.

[22:53] One of the best juice bars we’ve ever been to, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

[24:43] Finding local gems in new cities.

[25:30] What Courtney is up to when she’s not on tour.

[27:52] Courtney’s ultimate goal with Foodology.

[30:54] The widespread epidemic that is our current food industry and the steps Courtney would like to see people take to improve their health.

[35:55] How Courtney works with her clients.

[36:57] The effect Courtney had on Tove Lo and her band.

[39:13] One of Courtney’s biggest struggles.

[45:13] How we overcome our struggles and become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

[47:52] Courtney’s self-care ritual.

[48:57] What gets Courtney IGNTD!


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Instagram: @RealFoodology


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Celiac Disease

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