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Oct 30, 2019

We recently just wrapped up our first annual IGNTD GLOW Event! It was so great meeting a lot of you in person and getting to connect with you all and just share the same space. It truly was a magical weekend filled with so many powerful lessons, stories, and learning experiences that were shared by our incredible guests — Shaman Durek, Bizzie Gold, Alexandra Roxo, and so, so many more!


For today’s episode, we have an awesome surprise for you guys! For those who couldn’t make it to the IGNTD GLOW event, this episode will be featuring the recording of one of the most amazing panels from the event itself! This panel was all about positivity how to bring positivity into your life and, in general, how to live your life in the most positive way possible. This panel really speaks to what it takes to both possess and embody positivity, and shares some incredibly powerful takeaways. This panel features three amazing women: Aarona Lea (the author and co-creator of The Moon Deck), Tricia Huffman (of Your Joyologist), and Jenny Jiles! These women have such powerful journeys with positivity and in this panel, they show how to be positive in your own mind (which is where it matters the most!)


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Topics Discussed:

[:49] About our recent IGNTD GLOW Annual Event!

[2:06] Our surprise for you all: this episode is a recorded panel from IGNTD GLOW!

[3:28] If you were at IGNTD GLOW we’d love it if you could share this episode with others, tag us, and let us know what your favorite message of the event was! And, if you weren’t at GLOW, we’d also love to hear your feedback! Screenshot this podcast, tag us, and let us know your biggest takeaway from this panel!

[5:30] Sophie opens up the beginning of the panel!

[6:34] Aarona Lea introduces herself and gives some background about her positivity journey.

[9:41] Sophie shares what came up for her when Aarona was speaking about her positivity journey.

[11:33] Tricia Huffman introduces herself and shares some pieces of her positivity journey.

[13:25] Jenny Jiles introduces herself and explains her own positivity journey.

[15:46] Jenny speaks about choosing positivity in the midst of a divorce.

[19:18] Aarona shares her story and how she choose positivity during her divorce.

[25:55] Sophie demonstrates the definition of ‘grace.’

[29:05] Sophie opens up the panel to questions from the audience.

[28:06] Adi drops in to tell you about how to get started in the IGNTD 21-Day Habit Reset Challenge!

[28:42] Tricia shares her takeaways on positivity after listening to Jenny’s and Aarona’s stories.

[30:03] An audience member shares his information about his relationship and asks the panel for their advice on how they can heal and forgive each other within their relationship.

[31:53] A panel member shares a simple way to help through the ‘forgiveness practice.’

[34:40] How writing changed a panel member’s life by helping her to forgive.

[35:24] Another audience member speaks up and asks for some guidance about what to do after going through transformation and growth and realizing your ‘framily’ is no longer reflecting the same vibration as you. Every woman on the panel answers thoroughly and gives their advice.

[49:25] Sophie wraps up and closes out the positivity panel!


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