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Nov 19, 2020

Today's Recovery Secrets episode is about setting boundaries - with old friends so they will respect our new patterns and with ourselves so we actually create the changes we want. You can't get better by simply talking about it, you have to do the work. It's just like any other exercise. If you're having a hard time with boundaries or feeling motivated, this is the episode for you! 

2:00 When old friends aren’t accepting of your new patterns.  

3:48 Setting boundaries with old friends. 

4:30 You build mental strength the same way you actually build physical strength.

5:00 Working out your weaker parts, strengthening instead of ignoring. 

12:00 If you’re not ready to quit, then don’t quit, why?

15:23 Why you shouldn’t quit until you’re ready to quit analogy. 

16:00 Freedoms & Restrictions

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