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Jun 24, 2020

In today’s episode, we are continuing the conversation around the racial inequalities in America. With it also being Pride Month, we’ve decided to combine the two topics and take a deep dive into the unique challenges that people of color in the LGBTQ+ community face.


Joining us is one of our close friends, Sam Akins. Sam has a unique perspective as a gay black man who grew up in an interracial family. He is a professional ballet dancer and has his own clothing brand as well. He is so incredibly inspiring to us (and so many others!) and is a bright light in many communities.

We discuss so many relevant important topics with Sam today, from interracial families to racism in America vs. Australia to the racial inequalities in the dance world and more. He shares how we can all be better allies, what he has learned from this movement, and some powerful stories and personal experiences of discrimination he has faced. This conversation is insightful, powerful, and incredibly important. We can’t wait for you all to tune in!


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode.

[:55] Our review of the week!

[2:25] Sophie shares a relevant quote from f.e.marie.

[3:13] What we love about today’s conversation with Sam.

[4:38] Be sure to leave us a review. They truly keep us going! Also, be sure to tag us and Sam on social media and let us know what stood out most to you in today’s interview.

[6:33] The conversation portion of the podcast with Sam!

[6:53] Sharing a story where I personally witnessed Sam being discriminated against for his skin color.

[10:35] Sam speaks about his background as a ballet dancer.

[11:46] Sam shares about what his experience is like as a gay black man in the dance community, the discrimination he has faced, and how this current movement is impacting him.

[17:18] The importance of speaking up, no matter who you are.

[20:25] Sam speaks about being adopted into a white family, what it was like growing up, and some of the discriminating experiences he faced in an interracial family.

[26:10] Sam shares his ballet journey starting from the age of seven.

[28:22] Sam speaks about this beautiful melting pot of the different groups he is a part of.

[30:31] Sam continues his ballet journey story, picking up from when he moved to New York at just 14 years old.

[32:46] Sam speaks about how the opportunities he was given really helped shape him into the person he is today.

[35:17] Sam shares his thoughts on how he feels the dance world is dealing with Black Lives Matter and race inequalities in general. He also shares his personal experiences with discrimination in the dance community.

[52:51] Sam shares how we can be better allies.

[55:19] What is the best advice Sam has ever received?

[55:39] What has been Sam’s proudest moment to-date?

[56:30] What has been one of Sam’s hardest moments to-date?

[57:27] Does Sam have a non-negotiable self-care routine?

[59:12] What ignites Sam?

[1:00:17] Thanking Sam for joining the podcast and sharing where you can find him online! Also, be sure to let us know what your biggest takeaway is from today’s podcast and tag us online!


Mentioned in this Episode:

@f.e.marie on Instagram

Black Ballerina (2016 Film)

A Ballerina’s Tale (2015 Film)

“How Misty Copeland Made History as a Black Ballerina” (YouTube Video)

@SamAkins on Instagram

Sam’s Clothing Brand: RIOT x SAM

@RIOTxSAM on Instagram Petition: Racial Equality in the Ballet World


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