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Oct 18, 2019

In today’s episode, I’m bringing you something a little new — a recording from one of our live sessions for our IGNTD VIP members! This particular recording and conversation are focusing on the concept of credibility and what makes us credible by breaking it down into three pieces:

where we get our concept of what is credible vs. what isn’t, what happens when we step into that place and the concept of imposter syndrome, and through understanding these pieces, how we can shape the life that you want.


This episode is especially beneficial for anybody who’s been struggling with the problem of not really knowing what they want out of life. These three basic principles — credibility, the imposter syndrome, and the work of creating the life that you want — are key in understanding how to get where you’re trying to go, despite the programming you’ve had earlier on in life.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode.

[2:32] The start of the recording from my live session for our IGNTD VIP members.

[4:00] Why our chase for credibility is often one of the main reasons why we end up getting to outcomes and figuring out that maybe they weren’t the ones we were going after, after all.

[4:52] Where we get our concept of what is credible vs. what isn’t.

[8:34] My experience with imposter syndrome and how it relates to our concept of credibility.

[11:18] How do we create the life that we want in the face of all these challenges (such as imposter syndrome and our ideas of credibility and what we want are largely influenced by our past?)

[13:17] My homework for you: find the life that you want.

[16:21] This took me 10 years to figure out! My hope for you is that by just listening to this episode, I’ve created a shortcut for you to get there sooner than I did. If you could share the results you’ve had from this episode, I’d love to hear about it! Screenshot this episode, share your results with me on Instagram, and I’ll reshare them for others to be inspired by you as well.


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