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Feb 17, 2021

We are so excited for today’s episode! We are joined by our very close friend, Rachelle Tratt, who shares her love story of herself and her fiance, Tom.


We recorded this conversation just after Rachelle and Tom got engaged and have been saving it for the week of Valentine’s Day because it is such a powerful story on love, heartbreak, growth, and finding “the one” — all during a global pandemic.


Rachelle shares the twists, turns, and pleasant surprises in her love journey, the highs and the lows, the unexpected growth points, and everything that has led her to be in the right place and the right time to fall in love with “her person.” We also discuss online dating in general, past relationships, dating in the age of COVID-19, how to energetically manifest “your person,” and tangible tips for all; no matter your relationship status.


Whether you are single right now, searching for your person, or you’re in an incredible coupleship, Rachelle and Tom’s story is one to not miss.


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] About Philosophie Superfoods.

[2:21] About today’s episode with our incredible guests, Rachelle and Tom.

[5:10] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[5:18] Reflecting on what dating is like during the age of COVID-19.

[6:17] Rachelle reflects on what it was like to find love during the pandemic.

[7:53] In the dating world, is a physical connection early on OK or not?

[8:50] About Rachelle’s and Tom’s first three-day date they planned.

[10:30] Rachelle’s earlier experiences and challenges with dating and what makes her relationship with Tom (and his family) so different.

[12:10] The silver lining of the pandemic.

[14:10] What was it like for Rachelle to have someone move in right after a first date?

[16:16] About Rachelle’s letter to herself about what she was looking for in a partner.

[18:40] Rachelle shares about her previous on-and-off-again relationship that started four years prior and how she knew Tom was “the one.”

[20:12] A key lesson in growth.

[22:12] What was unique about Rachelle and Tom’s communication early on.

[22:29] The importance of coming together as two whole people.

[26:12] Ways that Rachelle manifested “the one,” the importance of role models, and the power of shifting jealousy into abundance.

[29:40] Fitting two years of a relationship into a six-month span: the challenges that Rachelle and Tom faced early on and how it has made them incredibly strong.

[34:46] About Tom’s incredible proposal surprise.

[40:55] What we love so much about Rachelle and Tom’s powerful love story.

[43:57] The magic of finding the positive in everything.

[46:25] The importance of working on your relationship even when you’ve found your person.

[48:14] Embracing the work-in-progress nature of yourself and your relationship.

[51:24] Rachelle gives her best advice for people in relationships right now.

[53:10] Rachelle’s tangible tips to call in “the one.”

[55:07] What reignites the joy in Rachelle and Tom’s relationship?

[55:44] Thanking Rachelle for joining us once again!


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