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Mar 29, 2019

Do you know people who struggle with addiction and wonder how to talk with them, having not been through similar struggles? Then you’re definitely going to want to stay tuned for this one!


I share the key tenets that anyone who is trying to help someone who is struggling with addiction — and has not struggled with it themselves — should follow. I describe how to reach out to them and lend a hand, how to help de-escalate their shame to open up the conversation, how to educate yourself on the struggles of addiction, and the questions you should and should not ask.


Topics Discussed:

[2:51] I love when you guys suggest topics for this show — in fact, it’s why I record these episodes! Please send your suggestions on any social media platform or email me at

[4:00] About today’s suggested topic: “How to help those who suffering from some kind of addiction when you, yourself, have not experienced addiction.”

[4:14] The first two key tenets in helping someone who is struggling with addiction.

[8:25] The next key tenet in helping those who struggle: showing curiosity.

[9:46] The next tenet: educating yourself.

[12:14] Summarizing the key tenets.

[13:33] Screenshot this podcast and let me know what part resonated with you the most!


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