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Aug 15, 2018

We’re bringing you a topic today that Sophie has been navigating and honing since well before I’ve known her. And that is: trusting your intuition. She’s always worked on her ability to be intuitive but it wasn’t until recently that she became intuitive with her diet and nutrition. Now she can eat what she wants, when she wants, without feeling guilty — all through trusting her gut’s intuition.

Today’s episode is all about learning to trust your body’s intuition and allowing yourself to feel free — not restricted — with the food that you put into your body. Our guest this week, Robyn Youkilis, is a certified expert in holistic digestive health and weight loss. She has helped thousands of women break free from restrictive diets and instead make intuitive food choices. Her most recent book, Thin from Within, aims to help readers optimize their digestion and shed physical (and emotional) weight for good.

Sophie, Robyn, and I talk all things intuition and how to go from deprivation to embracing your body’s needs and wants. Robyn also talks about how she came to understand this new definition of “thin,” some of the tools she has used to help build a healthier relationship with food, and all about her background and why she originally started her coaching practice.


Topics Discussed:

[:34] About our topic for this week.

[8:50] Is it fair to compare yourself to your earlier self, when it comes to fitness and nutrition? Is it OK to “lower” your standards, as time goes on?

[10:16] Mine and Sophie’s current nutrition and fitness lifestyle.

[17:33] The relationship tip of the week: our ways of honing our intuition.

[23:16] The interview portion of our podcast with Robin Youkilis.

[24:00] About Robin and her recently published book, Thin from Within.

[25:25] Sophie’s feelings on trusting your intuition with food and dumping the scale.

[29:22] What brought Robin to this different definition of “thin.”

[34:38] How with each pregnancy helped heal Sophie’s view of herself.

[26:25] Robin’s breakthrough post-pregnancy with her body.

[37:23] Learning to feel good and trust your intuition.

[43:43] Some of the tools Robin uses to help someone build a healthier relationship with food and their body.

[48:05] It’s not “all or nothing” with your diet. Make one or two shifts with your diet to start with and set realistic goals.

[58:07] About Robin’s educational background and why she started her coaching practice.

[1:02:42] The growing authenticity of social media and about Robin’s most personal coaching program.

[1:07:30] What’s on the horizon for Robin?

[1:09:11] The best advice Robin has ever received.

[1:09:57] Robin’s proudest moment.

[1:11:28] Robin’s hardest moment to-date.

[1:13:34] Robin’s self-care rituals.

[1:15:23] What ignites Robin?


Relationship Tip of the Week

In working on your own intuition it is important to share with others close to you — to consult and discuss. Sometimes, someone else will see something in you that you cannot recognize and it is very helpful to get that outside perspective. One of the best tools for honing your intuition radar is not to try to do it all yourself, but rather talk openly with people around you and pay attention to the patterns.


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Mentioned in this Episode:

Go with Your Gut: The Insider's Guide to Banishing the Bloat with 75 Digestion-Friendly Recipes, by Robyn Youkilis

Thin from Within: The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight, by Robyn Youkilis

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

The Rockstar Coaching Collective


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