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Feb 13, 2019

Today’s conversation was a big one. It is inspiring, makes you think, and maybe even pushes the envelope for some of you in regards to what you consider a relationship.


Our guest today, Whitney Miller, works one-on-one with couples and helps them discover their perfectly unique relationship that is shaped to work specifically for them. What led her to this work, however, was her own relationship. Whitney and her partner, Aubrey, have been together for seven years and for the last few, it has been an open/polyamorous relationship. Initially, when the difficult conversation came up about opening up their relationship, they broke up. Monogamy has become the standard and we’re often told in life that we must live up to this standard — even if we don’t want to. Aubrey and Whitney truly prove that there’s no one-size-fits-all for relationships; every relationship is unique and that’s the beauty in it.


In this episode, we go everywhere — from Whitney’s personal journey to reflecting on Sophie’s and mine. We discuss the alternative ways of looking at relationships, how Whitney and her partner make their poly relationship work for them, and how they address the criticism that often gets thrown their way. We want you to be empowered in redefining your ‘normal,’ so come join us for this week’s episode!


Topics Discussed:

[:40] Reading some amazing listener reviews — thank you all!

[2:25] Please screenshot this podcast and share with us the part that connected the most with you.

[2:53] A bit about today’s episode.

[3:13] About our workshop in Seattle with Alexandra Roxo.

[4:41] More about today’s conversation with Whitney.

[12:37] More about our Seattle events and workshops!

[14:30] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[15:39] Whitney introduces herself.

[16:31] The importance of respecting each relationship as its own individual, unique thing.

[18:56] Alternative ways of looking at relationships and how ‘abnormal’ is normal.

[22:28] Whitney’s story and journey to getting to this place in her life.

[27:50] There is no right way of doing relationships. It’s all about finding what works for you!

[32:44] About the beginning of Whitney and Aubrey’s open relationship and ultimately, what made it successful.

[36:00] The journey of Sophie’s and my relationship and how we worked through the bumps in the road.

[42:02] From monogamous, to open, to polyamorous; how Whitney defines poly.

[46:40] How Whitney and Aubrey address criticism of their relationship and redefine normal.

[49:28] About Whitney and Aubrey’s upcoming workshop.

[50:54] Some of the rules Whitney and Aubrey have set in place to allow the two of them to feel safe in their relationship.

[54:59] The best advice Whitney has ever received.

[57:12] Whitney’s proudest moment to-date.

[59:56] What has been Whitney’s hardest moment?

[1:04:58] Some of Whitney’s self-care rituals.

[1:07:04] What gets Whitney ignited?


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