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Aug 16, 2019

Today we’re going through clearing space. Right now, in the IGNTD household, we’re super busy with being in the process of buying our first house. As exciting as it is, I had no idea what kinds of challenges it would bring along! And here’s the thing about life: we’re constantly recycling and re-figuring out what we have to do to keep our head up above the water. So today, I want to talk with you about how to clear out space in your life! Because, if you make the tough decisions and clear out the things in your life that are causing the most stress, pressure, and noise in your life, you will be making space for new, incredible opportunities.


Topics Discussed:

[:43] What we’re currently up to at the IGNTD household!

[2:27] What I’m going to break down for you today.

[4:25] What happens when you first clear out your space.

[7:14] How we cleared out space recently.

[9:00] Why you haven’t had the time to clear out your space, how to make the time, and the benefits I have received from clearing my space.

[11:00] Why clearing your space is so valuable.

[12:05] My question for you: How much of what’s going on in your life is happening because you’re not clearing your space?

[12:51] My exercise for you: Write down all of the things that are creating the most stress, pressure, and noise in your life right now. When you’re done with that list, you have your mission. Figure out how much you can clear and how much space you can create so you can grow in your life and get to a new and better place!

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