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Jan 20, 2021

This week, we’re joined by an amazing couple — Erin Rose Cutler and Daniel Passov! Together, they run Neon Rose, an influencer and brand management agency that helps connect the socially influential to like-minded brands with a mindful focus on health and wellness.

You may already recognize Erin Rose Cutler as Sophie’s manager and close friend. She has been by Sophie’s side throughout her entire influencer career. And, most recently, she and Sophie have crafted an incredible course for influencers at any level of experience — veterans and newbies alike — called, “The Influencer Secrets.” This course is not just on how to be any influencer, but how to be one with integrity.

As a newlywed couple, Erin and her husband, Daniel, work together, play together, and live together. They share about their ups and downs of their journey, how they work together without getting their wires crossed, how they check-in with each other and allow space for one another, and how they balance their working relationship and their romantic relationship. Erin and Sophie also share how they put together their influencer course and what makes it so unique.


We absolutely love recording these episodes where we’re joined by two people who share a life together in all aspects — business, love, and play — and we cannot wait for you to tune in!


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Topics Discussed:

[:36] About today’s special episode.

[1:38] About Sophie’s new course on how to be an influencer, in collaboration with Erin.

[2:27] More about today’s episode with Erin and Daniel.

[4:25] About Philosophie Superfoods.

[5:40] Welcoming Erin and Daniel to the podcast and sharing how we first met each other!

[9:11] Erin and Sophie talk about their influencer journeys and why the space of wellness clicked for them.

[11:21] Why being an influencer is a 24/7 career.

[13:13] The difference in how Erin and Daniel show up and how they balance each other out.

[15:03] How Erin and Daniel make their business relationship work.

[17:38] Sophie speaks about the magic of Erin’s and her relationship as well as the importance of understanding yourself and where you thrive.

[19:28] Daniel explains the three types of people in a business and why they are important.

[21:06] Why you cannot be everything all the time in your business or career.

[21:32] The importance of recognizing others’ strengths and letting them flourish in that, rather than forcing them to fit a certain role.

[22:20] Erin elaborates on some of their early struggles working together on their business and how they resolved over time.

[23:28] Daniel and Erin share some examples from when their wires got crossed in working their business/es and how they resolved them.

[26:07] Daniel and Erin talk about their similarities and differences in their personalities (especially when it comes to things outside of their business.)

[28:08] How do Daniel and Erin help center each other?

[31:51] Where does Daniel think his understanding of “how important it is to disconnect” comes from?

[33:51] The importance of disconnecting, checking in with yourself and your partner, and allowing space for yourself.

[37:41] How Daniel and Erin discovered that cannabis helps them connect and wind down at the end of a busy day.

[46:05] What self-care and decompressing looks like for Erin and Daniel.

[50:41] Discussing the shift that is happening in 2021 of pursuing what you are passionate about, and the magic of Erin and Sophie’s new influencer workshop.

[53:08] Erin and Sophie’s similarities and differences, why their relationship works, and how they came together to create an amazing course for influencers.

[55:35] Nothing worth achieving is ever easy.

[56:21] How many influencers do Erin and Daniel work with? How do they decide who to work with?

[56:29] What makes Erin and Sophie’s course so special.

[1:00:54] Who the influencer course is for.

[1:01:55] Daniel shares what he feels is most impactful about the course.

[1:02:41] Sophie shares more about who the course is for and who it can help.

[1:03:14] What is the best advice that Daniel has ever received?

[1:05:00] Erin shares about her proudest moment to-date.

[1:06:58] Erin shares one of her hardest moments to-date.

[1:09:16] Daniel shares one of his hardest moments to-date.

[1:10:42] How did Daniel know what the right decision was to make when he was going through one of his hardest moments?

[1:12:46] Daniel shares some of the self-care practices that are important to him being able to show up as his best self as an entrepreneur.

[1:13:41] Erin shares some of her self-care practices that help her show up as her best self.

[1:15:06] What ignites Daniel?

[1:16:04] What ignites Erin?

[1:18:03] Thanking Erin and Daniel for joining the podcast!


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