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Jan 18, 2019

Today’s topic is fear. We all have them and sometimes they even hold us back from doing what we love. And, even if we don’t see them, they’re still there. It’s part of what being human is. A lot of people think that their end goal should be having no fears at all and being completely secure in all aspects of their life, but I don’t think that’s the right goal. Fears and insecurities can actually drive you to do better.

In this week’s episode, I want to help you by addressing some of the most common fears, giving you some techniques and systems that you can put in place so that your fears do not become debilitating, and also (most importantly), differentiate between healthy fears and unhealthy fears.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] Make sure to screenshot and share with me your biggest takeaway from this week’s episode!

[1:03] About today’s topic: fear.

[2:50] My fears and insecurities and how they drive me to do better.

[5:00] Tag me and share some of the fears that you’ve had.

[5:06] Sharing some of the fears that listeners have shared with me.

[6:17] The line between healthy and unhealthy fears.

[7:44] A technique that can help you dive deep into a fear that may be holding you back and overcome it.

[12:13] Outcomes are uncertain, so let go of what you can’t control and instead focus on, and prepare for, what you can control.

[12:43] Another technique for overcoming fears.

[15:20] Addressing general insecurities and fears.

[18:02] Wrapping up this week’s episode with my final point about fears.


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