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Feb 20, 2019

Today we have a fantastic conversation with our good friend, Jenna Zoë. Jenna is one of those people who’s a light to be around, she brings out the best in others, and is unapologetically herself.


Jenna’s work in Human Design is incredibly interesting — she enters in someone’s birth time, their location of birth, and birthday to generate a chart that helps her understand and read what someone’s purpose in life may be along with their inherent strengths.


We get in pretty deep this episode and she gives a reading of Sophie and the kids (including Noah!) We also talk about our spiritual learning experiences; the importance of discovering and experimenting with different spiritual practices; how to use spiritual tools in a beneficial, positive way; and how to leverage outside influences to positively affect your energy and mood.


We’re so excited to share this episode with you! Join us to learn more about Human Design and how to follow your spiritual intuition with Jenna Zoë.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About our special upcoming events in Seattle!

[2:14] Reading a fan of the week review.

[3:24] About today’s interview with Jenna Zoë.

[8:20] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[8:55] Jenna Zoë introduces herself and the idea behind Human Design.

[15:25] My experience with birth charts and astrology.

[19:28] How you should use your birth chart and Human Design in healing and understanding.

[24:32] Jenna explains what Human Design is and how it should be used.

[29:17] Some of Jenna’s most interesting and unexpected things she’s discovered about herself (and others) due to the work that she does.

[34:44] How music (and other influences) can affect your energy and mood… and how to leverage this in a positive way.

[40:22] Our small tip of the week: own your opinion.

[41:15] How we can lift up yourself and everyone up around us through spirituality.

[43:00] The importance of discovering and experimenting with different spiritual practices.

[50:00] Jenna outlines the three different levels of conditioning in Human Design.

[51:11] Discussing spiritual learning experiences and the co-existing of good and bad stuff within us that make us up as a full, worthy person.

[57:14] How to use spirituality tools in a beneficial, positive way.

[1:02:22] When it’s important to experience something yourself to fully understand it.

[1:04:35] Discussing relationships, navigating monogamy, and radical transparency.

[1:07:22] The importance of parenting each individual child in a way that’s tailored to them.

[1:09:29] Jenna gives a reading for our sons.

[1:10:42] As a parent of children who are manifesting generators, how do you distinguish their “jumping between activities” or quitting them as laziness or who they truly are?

[1:14:17] Jenna dives further into her reading of our sons, Leo and Kai.

[1:23:42] Jenna gives a reading of our youngest, Noah.

[1:25:10] The similarities between our children's’ readings and Sophie’s reading.

[1:26:54] More of Noah’s reading and how she’ll use her energy.

[1:27:35] Signs that sleeping more (or less) may be in your child’s human design.

[1:29:11] More of Noah’s reading!

[1:31:04] Comparing Adi’s reading to the children’s.

[1:31:56] Jenna continues Noah’s reading.

[1:33:00] Jenna offers some important takeaways for parenting Noah in regards to her reading.

[1:34:41] Jenna continues Noah’s reading.

[1:38:13] The best advice Jenna has ever received.

[1:38:56] Jenna’s proudest moment to-date.

[1:40:42] Jenna’s hardest moment to-date.

[1:41:55] What Jenna does for self-care.

[1:43:09] What ignites Jenna.

[1:44:00] Where to follow Jenna online.


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