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Aug 8, 2018

The last week-and-a-half we’ve been on vacation and have been traveling a lot — it’s been an adventure with three kids, to say the least. Along the way, people have been asking us a ton of travel questions. So we wanted to do an entire show on travel.

In this episode, Sophie and I share our unique way of traveling (as neither of us is the itinerary type) and discuss the importance of staying flexible when you’re traveling. We also share some of our tips on traveling with a newborn, traveling with young children, finding time for you and your partner on vacation, beating jet lag, and more general traveling tips.

Every experience we create in our lives we really try to not just make it an enjoyable, enlightening experience — but one that feeds us. And when is a better time to experience new things and open your mind to new perspectives than when you’re on vacation and traveling?


Topics Discussed:

[1:00] About our Going Deep episode today on traveling.

[7:18] Sophie’s tips on how to travel with a newborn.

[18:59] Tips on traveling with young children.

[26:50] Find time for yourself and your partner on vacation. Enroll your children at a summer camp or activities at the local place.

[29:44] Our tips for adjusting to sleep patterns and being flexible with jet lag.

[34:53] General tips for traveling!

[37:39] Relationship tip of the week.


Relationship Tip of the Week

Bring a fresh eye to each experience and accept that every day will bring its own ups and downs — especially while traveling. Do your best to be prepared, but don’t make the entire experience about correcting the things that went awry. Prepare the best you can, and then just go with the flow — even allow yourself to enjoy the idiosyncrasies of what has gone “awry!”


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