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Aug 26, 2020

In this episode, we’re Going Deep and wrapping up our “new age of healing” month! We talked to Dr. Richard Ryan and explored self-determination theory, discussed healing old wounds and parenting our inner child with the Holistic Psychologist, learned about healing the mother wound with Kylie McBeath, and (if you popped over to Recovery Secrets), we learned all about ketamine infusion treatment and how it can help aid people on their mental health journey.


What we loved about all of our guests this month is that their stories and beliefs are all so vastly different. They truly show how we all have different journeys in life, especially when it comes to healing.


In today’s Going Deep, we want to explore the nuances of our story and personal journey of healing. As an outsider looking in, we acknowledge that for some it may be easy to view things from a surface level and feel judgment toward our path and the struggles that we’ve been through. We’ve experienced infidelity, betrayal of trust, addiction, and more. But these struggles that we’ve experienced are not black and white. We hope you’ll tune in to today’s episode to learn more about the nuances of our story, how we’ve healed together, and the deeper message of why we now share our story with all of you.


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Topics Discussed:

[:34] About today’s Going Deep episode

[1:21] Sharing our review of the week!

[2:52] Sophie shares two quotes.

[3:22] What we want to share with you all today: why we share our story.

[4:58] What spiritual bypassing is and how it stagnates our growth.

[5:32] How spiritual bypassing was present in our early relationship.

[7:16] What we discovered about the deeper-seated issues in our relationship and how we came together to begin doing the work.

[12:03] Our perspective on ‘cancel culture’ and why we believe it is so dangerous.

[14:05] What this ‘new age of healing’ is all about for us.

[15:21] How our lives were prior to our growth and healing.

[16:54] Coming out of a victim mentality and how we were able to make our relationship work after the cheating.

[19:40] What would a loving, accepting, empathetic, trusting, empowered version of you make as a decision? Act from that decision.

[20:53] Your journey is cyclical, not linear, and you are the only one who gets to decide your path. You don’t have to go by the currently accepted knowledge and beliefs of our society.

[24:22] Let’s get away from this limiting belief that our view of the world is the only view of the world.

[25:29] The important role intuition plays in your journey.

[27:41] How seemingly negative experiences are not objectively bad.

[28:37] How our cheating and the other mistakes that we’ve made in our relationship have been the best experiences for our growth.

[29:58] What we love about our community.

[30:58] The importance of embracing the uncomfortable — especially in our relationships — and accepting our differences in order to heal.

[38:28] Our message: healing requires a willingness.

[44:40] Your homework: dig deep and see where your happiness lies. How can you contribute to the overall happiness of your community? And what willingness do you have within yourself to create that change?

[45:20] The importance of taking responsibility.

[46:10] We always want to hear from you! Leave us a message and let us know what resonated with you.

[46:36] About next month’s theme.


Mentioned in this Episode:

“The pattern has repeated because the work is incomplete.” — Devi Brown

“We repeat what we don’t repair.” — Lisa Hillyer

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