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Jun 26, 2019

Today we’re here to close out our first month of themed episodes! This month’s theme was the connection between mind and body the biology/spirituality connection. We had some amazing guests on, including Bruce Lipton, Koya Webb, and Kate Van Horn! With Bruce we discussed the biology of belief and the intersection between consciousness and matter; with Koya, we spoke about powerful notions around self-love, self-worth, and gratitude; and with Kate, we talked about developing intuitive practices for healing from traumatic, psychological events.


In connecting to this month's theme, Sophie and I reflect on some of our own fundamental differences in our beliefs and how we process things. Where I’m mostly science-based, Sophie is much more spiritual and intuition-based. However, these differences are our own individual, beautiful strengths that make each of us unique. And what’s so cool about this month’s theme is that it’s all about bridging this gap! In this episode we reflect on all of our June episodes and guests, and touch on the themes of: the biology and spirituality connection, the power of perspective, connecting with our light and shadows, finding growth and lessons through showing up, confronting fears to live your most authentic self, and the power of belief in manifesting success!


Be sure to tune in for next month’s episodes where the theme is going to be ‘adventure’!


Topics Discussed:

[:29] About today’s Going Deep episode!

[1:20] Reading our review of the month.

[2:05] Sophie reads a quote from Marianne Williamson about fear.

[3:02] Reflecting on our episode with Bruce Lipton.

[4:47] A story from our past that really illustrates this idea of bridging the gap between our differences.

[8:42] Bruce’s aha moment that led to him opening up to this biology/spirituality connection.

[9:26] How bridging the gap between our differences has led to the betterment of us as individuals and in our relationship.

[10:39] The connection between mind and body, the power of the placebo effect, and the importance of believing in the power of manifesting to unlock success.

[15:25] Reflecting on our episode with Koya Webb and the power of perspective.

[21:35] Bridging the gap between spirituality and biology, light and shadow, and being realistic vs. idealistic.

[25:33] Reflecting on our episode with Kate Van Horn.

[26:55] The growth we’ve experienced in our relationship through trust, perspective, and showing up.

[30:15] Why avoiding your shadows, fears, and who you really are, leads to being stuck… and how to get out of it.

[33:38] Lessons we’ve learned in taking the leap when you’re “not ready.”

[40:38] Reflecting on this month’s theme.

[41:26] What has been your aha moment from this month’s episodes? Write it out, tag us, and we’ll share it online!

[42:05] What this month’s episodes taught us and about next month’s theme!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Marianne Williamson

Bruce Lipton

Koya Webb

Kate Van Horn


From The Trash Man To The Cash Man, by Myron Golden


This Month’s Episodes:

“The Biology of Belief: The Intersection of Consciousness and Matter with Bruce Lipton”

“Choosing Fierce Not Fear with Koya Webb”

”Rebirth: Rising from the Ashes of Your Former Self with Kate Van Horn”


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