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Feb 26, 2020

This is our Going Deep episode all about spirituality! We’ve been around so many beautiful teachers in this past month (and in life!) and the way that they express spirituality is such a beautiful testament to their life experience and the work that they’ve done.


We both have such different experiences with spirituality so today we really want to speak about our own personal journeys with spirituality. Everyone’s experience with spirituality is so vastly different from the different ways to practice it, experience with it, to doing the work and discovering the journey. Though we may not be experts on the topic, we’re excited to share with you all our own personal experiences. We speak about our own pre-conceived notions around how spirituality (and how these notions have changed over time), what discovering spirituality has meant for us, small awakenings vs. big awakenings, the different ways to experience the spirit, and our tips for those struggling with their spirituality or spirituality journey.


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Topics Discussed:

[:11] About today’s Going Deep episode.

[1:04] Reading this week’s review!

[1:44] Sophie reads a quote on the topic of spirituality.

[2:34] Sharing our feelings around discussing spirituality.

[5:55] Spirituality is an individual experience there is no one version or right way to do it.

[6:52] The intersection and separation between religion and spirituality.

[10:37] Our ideas around religion and expectations for our relationship when we first met.

[14:28] Further discussing the separation between spirituality and religion and what we’ve discovered through our personal experiences.

[17:36] Sophie’s take: what spirituality is.

[18:19] Adi’s take: what spirituality is.

[21:45] What finding a higher power and discovering spirituality has meant for us.

[24:00] If you’re struggling with spirituality, here’s what to do…

[25:52] Small awakenings vs. big awakenings.

[28:02] The importance of creating space for yourself to connect with spirit, and simply just doing the work.

[31:07] Learning to build our trust muscles.

[33:32] Why spirituality can be hard for some people to connect to and our advice to them.

[36:40] Just like healing, spirituality is not linear.

[38:45] The universal shared experience that is spirituality and love.

[42:38] Our words for those who are struggling with their spirituality.

[45:33] Our challenge for you!

[49:33] We’d love to hear from you! What does spirit mean to you? And what came through for you from this exercise? Tag us on social media and let us know!


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