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Dec 25, 2019

This episode marks the end of our month on sexuality and intimacy! The conversations this past month have been incredible and have truly informed our thinking about sexuality and intimacy. We’ve grown and learned so much, and we hope you have too!


Today, we will be ‘Going Deep’ and sharing our own lessons and experiences with sexuality and intimacy. We talk about challenging our growth edges as a couple, how our past sexual experiences have informed us, what attraction is to us, and the importance of setting boundaries. We take you back to the beginning of our relationship and what that looked like, share stories of our past, and talk about what keeps us feeling safe and stable in our relationship even when we’re pushing our comfort zones. We also talk about how you can better your own relationship both sexually and intimate-wise and what kinds of risks, within reason, you can take as a couple to open up your hearts to new experiences (even ones that feel a little scary!)


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21-Day Habit Reset Challenge


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode!

[1:29] Reading our review of the week!

[2:25] Reflecting on this month’s episodes.

[3:11] Be sure to share these past episodes on social media or with friends and family! We’re trying to get to one million downloads before New Year’s Eve this year! We’re only 60,000 away!

[4:40] Sophie reads a fantastic quote for us.

[5:45] Speaking about our experience with seeing our new couple’s therapist for the first time.

[6:30] The importance of challenging your growth edges as a couple.

[10:48] Starting at the beginning of our journey together as a couple, we take a look at both of our experiences and relationship with sexuality and intimacy.

[14:54] Sophie opens up about her sexual trauma from her past relationship.

[19:46] What ‘attraction’ has looked like to both of us in the past.

[23:25] Sophie tells the rest of the story of her traumatic relationship with her ex.

[27:25] Taking a look at the very beginning of our relationship and the start of our experiences with becoming more connected and sexually intimate.

[34:31] How the conversation of taking MDMA came up for us and our own experiences with doing it in the past.

[40:50] The history of MDMA and the usage of it.

[42:46] Why we ended up taking MDMA together as a couple.

[47:26] What our first time doing MDMA together was like and how MDMA affects you.

[53:34] The fascinating research behind MDMA that shows it can help couples and those with PTSD.

[1:01:35] How often we use MDMA together.

[1:03:56] The second element of us using MDMA: our opening up of our sexuality and intimacy, and sharing more details of our first experience with taking MDMA together.

[1:08:54] Our journey with discovering ourselves, the progression of our relationship, and some of the ‘rules’ that keep us feeling stable and safe in our relationship.

[1:12:37] Sophie opens up about discovering her attraction to women.

[1:15:25] The story of our threesome and the subsequent creation of our third ‘rule.’

[1:24:24] Remember: MDMA is a tool. Know your body, know your limits, and do it just with your partner at home for the first time.

[1:29:54] Post-MDMA: what the results of the work we do looks like once we’re sober.

[1:35:58] Choosing each other is a choice. You’ve got to continue to do the work to keep the passion alive in your relationship!

[1:38:24] Thank you so much for being a part of our story! Let us know what you’re letting go of and what you’re calling in, in 2020!

[1:41:44] About our January 21-Day Reset Challenge.

[1:42:26] Screenshot this podcast, tag us, share this episode with others, and let us know what resonated the most with you! Let’s get the IGNTD Podcast over 1 million downloads before the new year!


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