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Jan 10, 2018

Our topic today is parenting. “Once you have kids, you barely talk about anything other than kids.” It’s the biggest cliché, right? But it’s so true. Now that we have two kids and a baby girl on the way we’re paying more and more attention to how we parent — our style and the techniques we implement  — all the while maintaining focus on our own relationship.

In this episode, Sophie and I talk about our own parenting style, reflect on how our parents’ parented, the lessons we’ve learned from them, and how we’ve developed from those experiences. We also address some of the questions we generally hear when it comes to parenting, the importance of consistency and routine, and our recommendations to new parents.

Parenting is not clear-cut you don’t have to put yourself in a box. Figure out what works best for you!


Topics Discussed:

[:55] Our topic today: parenting.

[3:04] Taking a look at our style of parenting and reflecting on our parents’ parenting.

[8:20] The two big ways my life has been affected by my parents and the lessons I’ve learned, in turn.

[10:00] The lessons Sophie has learned from her parents.

[15:44] The reality of having children.

[17:15] Sophie’s response to people’s questions and comments about our parenting.

[18:20] Setting the tone for your relationship with your children.

[20:09] My recommendations to all dads.

[21:17] Some of the things we pay attention to in parenting: lessons we’ve learned, advice we’ve received from other people, and some of the things we think are most important.

[25:10] The importance of consistency and routine.

[27:50] “Don’t neglect your own relationship”; the importance of maintaining your relationship and how it can affect your kids.

[31:42] Stepping out of traditional gender roles and taking on the proper role of a dad, and parent.

[33:40] Reflecting on the kind of adult we want our children to be and the huge responsibility that comes with that.

[35:02] Our parting words: parenting is not clear-cut; you don’t have to put yourself in a box with parenting. Figure out what works best for you.

[37:10] If you have any comments or feedback on parenting you’d like us to hear, leave a comment on this episode on, email us at, or get in contact with us through any of our social media pages!


Mentioned in this Episode:

“Got kids? You're more likely to cheat! Having children is main reason to commit adultery for 82 per cent of male cheaters” by Katy Winter


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