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Mar 21, 2018

On this episode, Sophie and I talk about making friends in adulthood. As adults, we have to take ownership of the relationships we keep in our lives. You have to look for and attract people that will be the kind of support you want, who will empower you to be the best person you can be, who will keep you accountable, and hold you to a certain standard — someone who will have your back.

Today, Sophie and I highlight some key factors to consider in all relationships to create your ideal reality: when to reconsider and re-evaluate friendships, how to create space through a relationship detox, the sort of relationships you should put energy into, when to trust your intuition in relationships, how to pursue and seek empowering friendships, and which relationships to keep around — even with the ups and downs.


Topics Discussed:

[:40] Our topic for today: Making friends in adulthood.

[6:34] Making choices in adulthood and breaking away from toxic friendships.

[10:11] Reconsidering and re-evaluating your relationships.

[11:38] You create your own reality. Figure out your vibrations to attract your tribe.

[14:54] Create space in your life through a relationship detox.

[15:30] The relationships you should put your energy into.

[17:31] Trusting your intuitions in relationships.

[19:47] The ups and downs of relationships worth keeping.

[21:55] My struggle with rebuilding friendships through big shifts in my life.

[23:02] Confidence is key. Pursue friendships and seek empowering relationships.

[26:25] Relationship tip of the week.

[29:06] Five-star reviewer shoutouts!


Relationship Tip of the Week

I urge all of you to start figuring out ways to develop gratitude and connect to the things in your partner (or people close to you) that get on your nerves a little bit. How do you appreciate the idiosyncrasies of the people that you love, and understand that that is part of what makes them the people that you love? Start changing your negative perception of the things that make them different and instead, develop gratitude towards it.


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