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Oct 28, 2020

This week, we’re Going Deep once again — but this time, it’s a little bit different. For the first time on the podcast, we’re talking about becoming IGNTD! Living an ignited life is something we have worked so hard to achieve and in this episode, we’re exploring all of the pieces we have put in place that make up what an ignited life looks like and how you can get there for yourself no matter where you’re starting from.


We’re not just going to be giving you the same old ideas of how to be active in your life; instead, we’re really aiming to give you some super tangible, practical ways to really, truly live an ignited life on a daily basis. We’ve broken up our ignited lifestyle into three key components: 1) Getting out of your comfort zone 2) Making time to be present, and 3) Mixing it up. We truly hope you’ll join us in challenging your growth edges and staying excited about your life!


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s Going Deep episode!

[:50] Our review of the week.

[2:33] Our quote of the week from Dr. Deepika Chopra.

[3:03] More about today’s conversation on being ignited.

[5:15] The three key components to living an ignited lifestyle.

[6:19] The first component: 1) Getting out of your comfort zone.

[7:07] Our challenge to you: Take a moment and pause. Think about where you are pushing your growth edges. Write it down and let us know if you want to!

[7:51] Areas and ways to begin pushing your growth edges and challenging your comfort zone.

[11:30] A key piece to pushing your comfort zone: radical transparency and why it is so key for communication with your partner.

[14:23] Why it is so important to get outside of your comfort zone and embrace the uncomfortable.

[15:15] What pushing your boundaries should look like in practice.

[15:34] A tool for helping you navigate this: the Wheel of Life.

[17:32] Our challenge to you: print off the Wheel of Life and the Feelings Wheel and dig deep! Take a screenshot, fill them in, and share them with us!

[18:33] The importance of having uncomfortable conversations.

[20:20] The second piece to living an ignited life: 2) Making time to be present (and how you can begin to put it into practice).

[22:56] How we’ve recently made time to be present.

[26:34] The importance of making time to be present and the biggest mistake we see people make with regards to it.

[27:08] The third most important piece: 3) Mixing it up.

[28:49] What mixing it up is (and what it’s not).

[29:52] How to put “mixing it up” into practice.

[31:21] Once opportunities to mix it up arise, here’s how to continue the momentum.

[33:43] How to begin switching up routine in simple, small ways and challenge your growth edges!

[37:37] How to keep your fire ignited in your coupleship.

[41:40] How to know if you’re on the right path to becoming more ignited.

[42:55] About our IGNTD programs.


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