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Jul 25, 2018

Today we’re talking about Instagram. Instagram has always been an essential vehicle for us to get people to our projects, pages, and workshops we’re passionate about. A well-thought-out profile can truly show you — your vulnerabilities, your joys, your heart, and your soul. It can become an authentic diary. Almost all businesses have an Instagram nowadays and it has become essential in getting your brand and voice out there.


This episode, Sophie shares some of her tips on how to grow your Instagram account, how to make money, mistakes to avoid, some of the lessons she has learned, and how to connect with others in your community and industry. We also discuss the importance of deciding on an overall theme or goal of your account (the “why”), taking space and creating healthy boundaries from social media, and why you sometimes need to say “no” to stay authentic.


Topics Discussed:

[:34] About our topic today, Instagram.

[5:49] Our social media journey from MySpace to Instagram

[7:00] How Sophie resonates with Instagram.

[11:06] My conflicted feelings on being vulnerable and authentic on Instagram.

[15:06] Sophie shares some tips on how to grow your Instagram account, mistakes she has made, and advice she has followed.

[20:54] The importance of deciding on your goal and the ‘why’ of your Instagram account.

[23:55] How to grow your Instagram account and make money.

[30:20] Sophie’s lesson on the importance of saying ‘no’ to stay authentic.

[36:46] Building real relationships and connecting with people from your industry.

[37:54] Don’t be afraid to ask your connections and community for help.

[39:43] Take space away from Instagram and create healthy boundaries.

[41:14] General tips to improve your Instagram.


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