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Sep 30, 2020

This week, we’re wrapping up our F*ck Shame month with a Going Deep episode!


We had an incredible time exploring all of the facets of overcoming shame throughout the month of September with our amazing guests. Shannon McLay of The Financial Gym taught us about overcoming money shame, Victoria Redbard shed so much light on exploring all of the aspects of our sexuality, Jo and Jonathan shared invaluable lessons on overcoming relationship shame and how to define your own perfect relationship, and Nadya Okamoto educated us on the inequalities and shame so many people face with their periods.


To wrap up our F-shame month, we’re taking a deep dive into the topics we have explored with our guests, share about our own experiences with shame, the changes that we’ve made in our lives and relationships to overcome said shame, and the steps you can take to implement the concept of f*ck shame into your own life.


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Topics Discussed:

[:30] About today’s Going Deep episode.

[1:55] Our review of the week.

[4:06] Our quote of the week.

[5:50] Understanding where and how to identify your hidden sources of shame, and the lessons we can learn and grow from through our relationships.

[10:38] Making the decision to choose your partner and the relationships in your life.

[12:27] The correlation between shame and your relationships, and what to pay attention to.

[14:45] Vulnerability and not giving energy to those who are trying to cause you shame.

[18:33] What shame are you feeling? You can’t fix what you can’t face.

[19:58] The importance of surrounding yourself with people who you can be authentic around.

[21:20] Discussing shame and sexuality.

[25:49] The many areas of shame.

[27:00] The beginning steps to overcoming your shame.

[28:41] Our journeys and realizations around shame.

[33:20] How to find freedom from your shame.

[35:43] Shame in our society and the only way to bridge the gap.

[38:45] The process of overcoming shame.

[42:54] How do you know when it is time to leave the relationship?

[45:38] Challenge yourself. There are many ways to heal and move forward from shame.

[47:36] What your life will look like when you begin to deal with your shame.

[50:58] Be sure to listen to this month’s episode on shame! They all cover incredibly different aspects of shame.

[51:19] Our challenge to you: Take out a pen and paper and jot down a situation that first comes when you think about shame in your life and do a stream of consciousness. No rules and no judgment. If you want, send us an email and let us know how it went for you!

[53:05] Thank you all so much for tuning in to this episode.

[53:10] Remember to share on social media what it is you loved about this episode!


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Marianne Williamson

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