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Jan 24, 2018

We’re here to talk to you today about how we look at ourselves. This topic came up as I was getting ready one day and felt totally different about myself. It’s strange — because, on other days, I wake up and everything looks OK. Truly, you can’t look much different 24 hours later, but that still doesn’t change how you can feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. You would think how you look at yourself is somehow objective to who you are as a person — but really, it’s almost all about how you see yourself.

In this episode, Sophie and I tackle some important topics in relation to just that — experiences we’ve had growing up and dealing with body image, the process of making peace with your appearance, positive affirmation, and staying away from negative self-talk, gratitude and embodying what you’re grateful for, self-care, and how you can improve your life by incorporating the same changes we made, into your life.


Topics Discussed:

[:34] Our topic of discussion today: how we view ourselves.

[3:38] Sophie’s struggle with body image when she was younger.

[6:45] Beginning to compare yourself with others at a young age; The realization of vanity.

[10:37] Sophie’s process of making peace with herself as she grew older.

[12:12] We all have body image issues. Work on accepting who you are!

[13:04] Raising our children in a vain world; taking the emphasis off the physical and focusing on who they are.

[17:28] How far Sophie has come with her relationship with food.

[21:10] Sophie’s advice to those with a poor relationship to food.

[22:21] About Sophie’s eBook on intuitive eating and her tips towards mindful eating.

[25:25] About not tying your self-worth to your appearance.

[27:45] Sophie challenges you: Write down three compliments about yourself that have nothing to do with your physical appearance.

[28:15] The importance of positive affirmation and staying away from negative self-talk.

[32:15] Gratitude and the concept of embodying the things you’re grateful for.

[33:00] Self-care and taking time away from the internet and negative social media pages.

[36:00] Shoutouts to some of our nice reviewers.

[36:42] About our future IGNTD Couples’ Workshop and my IGNTD Recovery Course.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Sophie’s eBook on intuitive eating

“Waking up with Ryan” IGNTD episode

IGNTD Couples’ Workshop in Seattle (Bala Yoga)

IGNTD Recovery Course


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