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May 30, 2018

Today we’re talking about struggling and pain — and using these moments to learn and grow instead of succumbing. These moments of pain and struggle are really the magical moments that can create an entirely new life for you. Sometimes we need to be woken up by these rock-bottom moments to truly find ourselves.


Our guest today, Alyson Charles, has gone through this kind of transformation herself. In this episode, we get into a very spiritual conversation — which is no surprise because she’s also known as the rockstar shaman. She’s helping healers, lightworkers, and conscious practitioners who have been afraid of owning their gifts and helps them to unlock their potential on a shamanic level — then, on the PR level, she helps connect them to press and contacts to help get their message out.


Tune into this episode as Alyson tells us all about her background and how she awakened to her spirituality. She also takes us through the earth-shattering moment that led to her life-changing awakening and explains to us how she has remained true to herself throughout her journey.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About our topic and guest for today!

[12:38] Our relationship tip of the week.

[17:33] About the IGNTD Recovery course — renamed the IGNTD Recovery Hero Program.

[21:26] Interview section of the podcast with Alyson Charles!

[21:55] Alyson’s current state and what she’s currently up to.

[23:54] About Alyson’s background and how she awakened to her spirituality.

[29:52] Alyson’s simultaneous earth-shattering devastation and life-changing awakening.

[43:29] Relating Alyson’s journey to our own: embracing authenticity, being honest about how things are, and staying resilient through it all.

[47:32] How Sophie and I have learned to cultivate our ability to be transparent with each other.

[54:11] How Alyson’s journey relates to our story in terms of learning to be her authentic self.

[57:44] Why radical transparency was what we needed to heal and how it continues to work.

[1:00:20] The reason we think most couples end up giving up and our key to staying together.

[1:09:20] Letting yourself become awakened to your truth and learning your purpose.

[1:11:26] The best advice Alyson has ever received.

[1:14:40] Alyson’s proudest moment.

[1:16:29] Alyson’s hardest moment.

[1:20:23] What is Alyson’s self-care ritual?

[1:22:55] What ignites Alyson?

[1:23:15] Where to find Alyson online.


Relationship Tip of the Week

This week’s relationship tip is a question: Can you start looking at your moments of struggle and pain in your relationship as opportunities to go deeper and uncover the growth you are ready to experience? We all experience pain in our relationship and usually, we try to brush it under the rug — but it’s time to use that as an opportunity to figure out what you haven’t addressed and grow from it.


Where to Find Our Guest — Alyson Charles


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Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, by John E. Sarno

IGNTD Recovery Hero Program

Marianne Williamson

IGNTD Couples


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