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Jan 16, 2019

In August of last year, we talked to an amazing couple — Chelsea and Jon. Last time we listened in, they shared their struggles with addiction, an affair, career differences, arguments, and dealing with the loss of a loved one. They were real, raw, vulnerable, and deep with their story — and today, we revisit some of these topics once again and ask how they’ve been doing since the last time we talked. If you have not already heard the first part of their story, we highly recommend you listen to our first episode with them before tuning into this one.

There are so many practical, useful tips from all of the new practices Chelsea and Jon have put into play since the last time we spoke, and we’re sure you’ll be able to take something away from this episode and apply it to your own life. They discuss their newfound radical transparency, how they’ve been dealing with their triggers, and how they’re managing and moving on from arguments, as well as how they’ve been keeping their communication open and spending more quality time together.

Once again, we really applaud Chelsea and Jon for joining us in this episode and being so willing to openly and honestly share their story!


Topics Discussed:

[:29] About today’s “Getting Personal” follow-up episode with Chelsea and Jon.

[2:25] Take a screenshot and share with us on social media the part of the show that really resonated with you!

[4:23] Our fan of the week!

[5:23] More about today’s episode.

[9:09] The conversation portion of the episode.

[10:08] A quick recap of Chelsea and Jon’s story.

[11:18] Chelsea takes us through a small summary of how she and Jon are currently doing.

[15:15] Chelsea and Jon share one of the recent events that tested them and some of the tools they have implemented since talking to us last.

[30:38] What to do if something is triggering you.

[33:35] The importance of transparency and some of the key highlights from the story Chelsea and Jon just told.

[37:57] How Chelsea and Jon felt after his this event.

[39:29] The importance of checking in with yourself and your relationship from time-to-time.

[41:10] How tuning into simple pleasures and being grateful can improve your relationship.

[43:46] Chelsea’s recent realization and some of the recent events and shifts that allowed her to feel whole again.

[55:23] Chelsea talks about some of her recent triggers and how she handles them.

[57:22] Areas that Chelsea and Jon think would be exciting, inspired, or fun to increase their intimacy in the future.

[1:01:53] Our suggestions to Chelsea and Jon to increase their intimacy.


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