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Aug 22, 2018

Today we’re excited to bring you another Getting Personal episode. This time, we get to talk to another amazing couple with an incredible story.

Chelsea and John met through work, dated on and off, and eventually got married. They’ve had their fair share of struggles from dealing with the loss of a parent, to career differences and fighting, to struggling with an addiction and an affair.

We sincerely appreciate their willingness to share their full story with us in today’s episode and we hope it can be helpful to those of you going through similar struggles. Definitely, listen in to hear this extraordinary couple’s story and our suggestions to them on how they can move forward, together, in a healthy and productive way.


Topics Discussed:

[:34] About today’s episode.

[5:55] Starting our session with Chelsea and John and welcoming them to the podcast.

[8:15] John and Chelsea walk us through their story.

[22:36] How Chelsea coped with John being less present at home.

[24:23] A traumatic experience for Chelsea that led to more challenges in their relationship.

[27:52] John continues their story from his perspective.

[29:42] What it meant to John that he couldn’t help or make things right with Chelsea.

[34:40] Chelsea’s side and how she coped with John’s coping, as well as her move out, and John’s subsequent affair.

[39:10] John tells the story behind his affair.

[40:40] Chelsea’s initial reaction to the affair.

[44:58] About Chelsea and John attempt at reconciling after the affair and how the affair progressed after Chelsea found out about it.

[51:36] Where John and Chelsea are in their relationship now, physically and emotionally.

[53:35] What are John and Chelsea’s biggest struggles right now?

[55:11] What was the role that the affair played in John’s life?

[57:52] About John’s childhood and how it has affected him in his current relationship.

[1:03:13] The overarching feeling of what John and Chelsea are each going through currently in their relationship.

[1:09:40] The work John and Chelsea need to put into the relationship, going forward.

[1:15:06] What Chelsea feels in the moment of being triggered.

[1:17:33] Does John feel the need to defend himself?

[1:18:20] How John and Chelsea can reduce the impact of each other’s triggers.


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