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Nov 21, 2017


We’re excited to finally let the world in on our podcast, IGNTD. IGNTD is an honest exploration on all things ‘relationship’, and taking a deep dive into the topics that others shy away from. In this first episode, we’d like you to get to know us — Myself, Dr. Jaffe, and my wife, Sophie Jaffe — and understand the ‘why’, of why we’re doing this. Both of us firmly believe that the ‘why’ is important, especially as we start to live a more aligned life in regards to the people we spend time with and the activities that we do.


Life is all about relationships; Lovers, family, body, and money. How satisfied you are can be completely explained by how you relate to things around you. We’re here to explore and teach you how to maximise your relationships and achieve an overall, happier life. We want to share with you everything that makes us tick, that lights us up and brings us back to a place of truth — and hopefully — you can take something from it; apply it to your own life, and see if it resonates.


In this podcast, we want to share our journey and everything that we’ve learned from the last twelve years. We — and our guests in future episodes to come — are going to share a lot of things that worked for us, our tips, tricks, tools, and secrets, that helped us achieve successful, healthy relationships in all aspects of our life.


We’re going to go as deep as possible… And we can’t wait to share our stories and our guests’ stories with you. Let’s get IGNTD.


Topics Discussed:

[1:39] Introducing our new podcast, IGNTD, ‘going deep,’ and discussing the ‘why.’

[5:08] About us and our relationship, and Sophie gives us some background about herself.

[8:10] I talk about my background, coming into the wellness world, and the evolution of Sophie and I’s relationship.

[9:58] Growing together; The transparency and honesty in our relationship.

[16:34] Our episode structure — What’s to come in IGNTD.

[16:57] Asking ourselves the questions we’ll be asking our future interviewees — Sophie’s answers and insight on: Best advice, proudest moments, most difficult moments, what ignites her, and her self care ritual.

[22:54] My answers; Best advice, proudest moments, most difficult moments, what ignites me, and my self care ritual. 

[33:30] Wrapping up our first episode and how to get in contact with us.



Dr. Adi Jaffe came from a very rigid, achievement-based background; The most important thing was what you did today, not how you felt about it. He met Sophie in the second phase of his life after going through some major ups and downs; going to jail and experiencing drug addiction.


Now, Dr. Adi Jaffe is a nationally recognized expert on mental health, addiction, and stigma. His work and research focuses on changing the way Americans think about and deal with mental health issues. Dr. Jaffe writes for All About Addiction, Psychology Today, and several other online and print sources. He aims to reduce the stigma of mental health and uses his personal experiences as the tool to deliver his incredibly effective, and inspirational messages. 


Sophie Jaffe

Sophie Jaffe lives in LA with her husband, Adi Jaffe, and two beautiful boys — Kai and Leo, who are 5 and 7. Sophie’s greatest goal is to help people live their most ignited life through food, movement, and being authentic and vulnerable. She achieves this through running her own wellness and superfood company called The Philosophie. The Philosophie started out as a cleanse company and has now become all sorts of things — a food company, a superfood company, and a resource for wellness, health, and beautifying yourself. She is also a professional yoga instructor, and on the new yoga tv show, Yoga Girls, on Z Living.



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