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Feb 22, 2019

Today I want to talk a little more about perspective with you all — but this time, with a really specific slant. If you’ve read my book, The Abstinence Myth, you’ll know that I tell a story about my experience with women — specifically, this experience when I was in Jr. High where I ask a girl I really liked out. I plucked up the courage with my heart beating out of my chest… but she said no. I was devastated. Then, the next day at school, all of her friends knew. That experience was so traumatizing to me that I didn’t ask another girl out until my twenties!


I relate this experience to the type of people I see now in my practice. Sometimes, their level of shame and embarrassment related to social faux pas become so extreme that they hold them back from doing the things that they want to do in the future. So, in today’s episode, I let you in on the revelation I had around perspective that allowed me to stop negative self-talk in its tracks; get out of these negative, self-sabotaging thought patterns; and move on from bad days without blowing them out of proportion.


Topics Discussed:

[2:41] About today’s topic on perspective, starting with a story from my past.

[5:52] How this relates to the people I work with currently in my practice.

[6:29] Another story from my past when I had a realization around perspective after a severe depression.

[10:35] How I’ve used this realization/technique with my clients to help them out of this negative, narrow perspective.

[11:22] How to get unstuck from these negative thought patterns in your life.

[13:00] My challenge to you: point out the negative pattern to yourself and pay attention to it.

[14:00] If this podcast was helpful for you, reach out to me and let me know what your negative thought patterns are and what you’ve noticed now that you’ve thought about them in this way.


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