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Jan 29, 2020

This week we’re wrapping up January, our ‘elevated wellness’ month, with Jeff Smith! Jeff is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Paragon Vitamins. He has worked in the consumer health space for almost 30 years with one of the largest consumer healthcare companies in the world, Johnson & Johnson. He has seen many iterations of looking after patients and has learned that preventative wellness and healthcare are key.


Paragon Vitamins allows you to get more control of your health by allowing you to take your wellness into your own hands and empowering you to make choices. They are the first vitamin brand to generate a custom wellness solution based on your unique bio-blueprint. All they need is a small hair sample from you and then they provide you with a personalized nutritional assessment and deliver daily vitamin packs directly to your door that are tailored to you!


“Your body’s needs are as unique as your fingerprint and as vast as the hairs on your head,” so it’s important to understand what works for you and know which vitamins to take. In this episode, Jeff speaks about how healthcare is changing and how Paragon is helping individuals take charge of their health and wellness and he debunks some ‘urban legends’ about wellness. Jeff also shares what it really means to have a slow metabolism, some of the important things to keep track of when taking certain vitamins, and some of the best things to do from a vitamin perspective to build up your immune system. This is an invaluable episode to listen to if you really want to elevate your wellness!


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Topics Discussed:

[:34] Wrapping up January, our elevated wellness month!

[1:00] Reading our review of the week.

[2:25] Sophie reads a quote… from herself!

[5:38] What’s important to remember when you’re moving from a hobby to your calling.

[6:22] Sometimes change is uncomfortable and difficult but it’s crucial when you’re getting to the next level.

[8:00] The importance of finding the balance in pushing yourself to get to the next level and practicing self-care to not burn out.

[12:27] Who we had on this month and about this month’s guest.

[14:48] The importance of day-to-day preventative healthcare.

[16:50] About our initiative to create an impact on a bigger level.

[18:18] Be sure to screenshot this episode, tag us on social media, and let us know what resonated the most with you in this episode and/or what you’re loving this month in wellness!

[19:58] The conversation portion of today’s episode!

[20:50] Jeff tells us about himself and how he and his partner co-founded Paragon Vitamins.

[23:55] Sophie shares her personal experience with Paragon Vitamins.

[28:56] How Paragon makes healthcare easy by helping their customers know which vitamins they should take.

[32:17] Jeff speaks about the kind of information that Paragon gets from a hair sample.

[33:22] How Paragon makes taking vitamins simple.

[34:22] The importance of balance when it comes to taking vitamins.

[38:26] What makes Jeff excited in this whole process: to see their customers change in lifestyle after Paragon and the powerful effect that vitamins can have on an individual.

[40:01] Jeff shares some of the pieces you may not know about vitamins and what to expect when taking them.

[43:30] Jeff debunks some ‘urban legends’ about wellness and certain vitamins and also highlights some important things to keep track of when taking specific vitamins.

[48:28] How Paragon solves decision fatigue and takes the guess-work out.

[54:55] What does it really mean to have a slow metabolism?

[58:32] What are the best things to do, from a vitamin perspective, to build your immune system and/or take when you feel yourself coming down with a cold — especially in the winter season?

[1:01:35] What is the best advice Jeff has ever received?

[1:02:24] What has been Jeff’s proudest moment to-date?

[1:03:30] What has been one of Jeff’s most difficult moments?

[1:05:13] How does Jeff take care of his body and mind to make sure that he shows up as his best on a daily basis?

[1:07:33] What gets Jeff ignited?

[1:08:33] Thanking Jeff for joining us!


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Paragon Vitamins —  Use code: Jaffe50 for 50% off your hair test and 6 weeks of vitamins to your home!



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