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Jan 17, 2018

We’re here today to start a conversation about how you treat your body — beyond exercise and eating. In this episode, Dr. Frank Lipman — one of the pioneers behind the idea of integrative medicine and combining eastern and western medicine — helps us get to the bottom of this through his fresh and unique perspective.

When Dr. Lipman first began studying integrative medicine, it wasn’t popular like it is today — in fact, as he put it, he went “from being a quack for so many years to now become a guru…” and hadn’t really changed much of what he was saying. Now, Dr. Frank Lipman is the founder and director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City and teaches at the Integrative School of Nutrition.

Join us as we touch on all sorts of interesting topics, such as; relationships to authority and listening to your internal gut (both figuratively and literally) to determine the right path to take vs. what everyone else is telling you, the key to changing your way of life and heading towards the path of betterment, and Dr. Lipman’s journey through integrative medicine.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About our topic and guest today.

[5:00] Tuning into her own intuition; how Sophie connects to herself and her beliefs.

[6:30] The importance of sticking with what works for you and not following media trends.

[11:00] How Dr. Lipman listened to his intuition, leading him on the pathway to success.

[14:24] Our introduction to Dr. Lipman.

[15:40] “From quack to guru”; Dr. Lipman talks about some of his work and background in medicine.

[19:35] It’s all about relationships; — your patients, the environment, and your body’s ecosystem.

[21:28] Dr. Lipman’s wisdom from many different cultures based on old traditions.

[22:55] Dr. Lipman’s relationships with his patients and the importance of connecting in order to heal.

[25:30] What it was like growing up in Africa and questioning the medical system.

[30:00] Some of Dr. Lipman’s greatest influences.

[31:38] About Dr. Lipman’s grand round on acupuncture.

[33:48] The growth Dr. Lipman has seen in integrative medicine and changes in the healthcare industry.

[36:05] About Dr. Lipman’s new, illustrated book How to be Well (to be released in April) based on the concept of the new health rules.

[40:50] What gets Dr. Lipman ignited!

[41:50] Dr. Lipman’s struggle in health and wellness.

[44:29] The key to changing your way of life and heading towards the path of betterment.

[46:05] Dr. Lipman’s self-care rituals.


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Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, by Harriet Beinfield
and Efrem Korngold


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