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Nov 29, 2017

In this episode, we focus on flexibility. As important as flexibility is in working out — it’s just as important in relationships. There’s really no ‘right way’ to do things; You need to be flexible to changes and possibilities in order to be able to be successful in your life and relationships.

Sophie and I have been learning, and practicing this, for nearly a decade. For our relationship to improve, we both had to become WAY more flexible in our approach to one another. The rigidity we both started with was one of the primary barriers to our continued growth. This all comes full circle with our guest today, Talia Sutra — a professional yoga instructor, Instagram sensation, vegan, and new mom. Talia was born in Israel but has lived in New York with her family for most of her younger years. Recently, she has moved back to Israel with her husband Ezra and her newborn son, Akiva. Talia has a passion for ballet, yoga, and art and feels deeply connected to nature and animals. In this enlightening episode, Talia speaks about her early life and disciplines, her struggle with mental health, her journey into yoga and veganism — and of course — the importance of flexibility and how it has affected her life.


Topics Discussed:

[:07] Our sponsor, The Philosophie

[2:30] The importance of flexibility in relationships

[3:18] The parallel of physical flexibility and mental flexibility

[7:01] Introducing flexibility and giving in to change

[10:46] About Sophie’s recent reading

[11:42] The difference in our philosophies

[12:46] We introduce Talia Sutra and she gives us some background about herself.

[14:30] Talia’s mental and emotional flexibility and following her heart into becoming a vegan.

[19:00] Talia’s flexibility with the relationships in her life in relation to veganism.

[22:18] The struggle for balance and flexibility in Talia’s younger years.

[24:44] Talia’s struggle with mental health, and finding her light again.

[29:00] Mental health and the struggle with flexibility: Talia’s break from dance and distancing herself from her true self.

[35:46] Talia’s life in Israel and moving from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

[38:41] About Talia’s pregnancy and her favorite self-care, at-home rituals


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