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May 15, 2020

Today, I want to talk about family with you all… but not in the way that we normally talk about it. But rather, I want to talk directly to those of you who have someone close to you in your life who is struggling with addiction.


Over the last 12 years that I’ve been working in the field of addiction recovery, I would say that at least half if not more of the questions I get asked are not from the people who are struggling with addiction but are actually from the family members of the person who is struggling. They want to help them, but they don’t know how. And I empathize completely with this difficulty. So in today’s episode, I want to address the family. If you are in this position or know somebody who is in this position, I highly recommend you tune in for this episode.


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Topics Discussed:

[:41] About today’s episode.

[1:57] Addressing the false notion that the “addict” in your life was predisposed to becoming an addict.

[2:40] Confirmation bias and the “big black box.”

[3:47] The real equation that makes up addiction and why traditional treatment usually does not work.

[6:23] The role a family member plays in helping the person who is struggling with addiction.

[6:50] In the vast majority of traditional treatment, the family gets zero support and is not involved in the treatment — but this is nowhere near enough.

[7:20] What we’re doing at IGNTD: a program entirely for the family members.

[9:43] If you know anybody who is struggling with this, please send this episode and family SOS program their way!


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The Abstinence Myth, by Adi Jaffe — Free! Just pay shipping!

Family SOS Program


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