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Jun 17, 2020

You know us; we’re all about radical transparency — and this episode is no exception. In fact, this may be one of our most raw, honest, transparent conversations to-date. And, on top of that, one of the most important.


Our guest today, Millana Snow, is a woman of color who has built an energy healing business from the ground-up that serves thousands of clients worldwide. Her business, Wellness Official, makes wellness and healing accessible for everyone through their carefully curated workshops, remote sessions, and content with well-respected practitioners around the world.


We cannot speak highly enough of Millana and the incredible transparency and openness she shared with us in today’s episode. This is truly a conversation that we can all learn and grow from. Millana really exposes the blind spots that we may not be thinking of on a day-to-day basis regarding racial inequity and highlights the real, important change that we all should be engaging in. This conversation was not only engaging it was tough and uncomfortable. But these are exactly the sorts of conversations we need to be having that are so vital to this movement. We cannot wait for all you to listen in and share your thoughts.


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Topics Discussed:

[:30] About today’s episode.

[2:30] Sophie shares a great quote about white allies.

[3:44] More about today’s guest, Millana Snow.

[6:26] The conversation portion of the podcast with our guest.

[9:04] Millana speaks about her experience growing up mixed and how that plays into her current feelings with everything going on in the world right now.

[11:15] Millana asks us how we met Jean Charles who was on the podcast previously.

[12:45] Millana transparently shares how she felt about being invited on to the podcast.

[14:05] Understanding our blind spots as white allies and the importance of challenging ourselves to have these tough conversations.

[19:00] Sophie joins the podcast and she shares her perspective on why she hadn’t reached out to Millana previously. Afterward, we all take time to reflect on the overall interaction, Sophie’s response, and what it all means in regards to race.

[31:24] Millana opens up and transparently shares her feelings in regards to the dynamic of this conversation.

[33:24] Why and how these are the exact conversations that move the needle in the right direction.

[38:14] We ask Millana if she has had other experiences in the wellness space where she has felt discriminated against. Millana and Sophie also discuss white privilege and the importance of giving space and opening up your heart to truly hear and listen to what black voices have to say.

[42:38] Millana shares a story about when she started her first business.

[48:50] Discussing the ‘stereotype threat,’ white privilege, and understanding the black and brown experience.

[56:45] What we’ve committed to with the IGNTD podcast and asking Millana for her guidance in how we can continue to share the authentic stories of black and brown men and women.

[1:01:43] What’s the best advice Millana has ever received?

[1:02:13] What has been one of Millana’s proudest moments to-date?

[1:02:43] What has been one of Millana’s most difficult experiences?

[1:03:03] What are some of Millana’s most important self-care rituals?

[1:03:48] What ignites Millana?

[1:04:10] Thanking Millana for joining the podcast and sharing her raw, honest thoughts, feelings, and experiences.


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