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Sep 23, 2020

Today we’re bringing you another important episode on the theme of #F*ckShame! This time, we’re covering a topic that we’ve never talked about before on the podcast, and that is shame around money. In our society, a lot of us are made out to feel that we don’t have enough money in a lot of different ways. Either we don’t own the right house (or own a house at all), drive the right car, make enough money at our job; fill in the blank. Personal finances are often a deep source of shame and can even become a huge issue between couples as well.


Our guest today, Shannon McLay, is an expert on all things money. She is the CEO and founder of an organization called The Financial Gym. We take care of our health, brain, and body… but one thing we often overlook is “exercising” our finances. What we love about Shannon is that she addresses becoming “financially fit” in an incredibly practical way that meets people where they are.


We hope you join us this episode to address money-shame head-on with our incredible guest, Shannon McLay! Definitely get out your pen and paper; we know this is one you’re going to want to take notes for.


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Topics Discussed:

[:30] About today’s episode!

[1:00] Our review of the week.

[2:20] Our quote of the week.

[3:10] About today’s topic: shame around money.

[6:28] The “zoom-side” chat of the podcast with Shannon McLay!

[7:14] Shannon shares the story of how she found her purpose and came to found The Financial Gym.

[14:26] The pain and shame many people experience around money.

[18:06] Opening up about our past struggles with our finances and how we overcame them.

[21:37] Shannon speaks about the different “money love languages” they see when speaking with couples and how they help them through their financial struggles.

[22:55] How your beliefs around money are often formed through your family upbringing.

[23:26] Shannon shares some invaluable, tangible advice to become more financially fit!

[30:23] How The Financial Gym works with their clients to lose their deprivation mindset to an abundance mindset.

[31:39] How we personally mapped out our financial plan and met our goals within a month.

[35:00] Shannon shares an inspirational case of someone who completely shifted their life through The Financial Gym.

[37:52] Shannon shares another incredible case of someone who she personally helped with her finances.

[39:55] An important lesson we all need to learn around money.

[41:26] Why a third party can be incredibly beneficial in helping you understand and “put together the puzzle” of your finances.

[43:28] Shannon describes how money is energy and why this is critical to understand.

[48:01] What is the best advice Shannon has ever received?

[49:13] What has been one of Shannon’s proudest moments to-date?

[50:05] What has been one of Shannon’s hardest moments to-date?

[51:04] What does Shannon’s self-care look like?

[52:55] What ignites Shannon?

[53:29] Thanking Shannon for joining us this episode.

[53:42] Be sure to tag us and let us know what your key takeaways were from this episode!


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Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill


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