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Dec 30, 2020

This has been a crazy year and we think it is super important to reflect. Taking time to reflect is so key to integrating and embodying all the work we have been doing to become our most IGNTD selves! We are looking back on our favorite parts from our favorite episodes of 2020, so in case you missed them or want to go back and revisit we’ve got them all piled up here for you. 

[2:00] Review of the Month! Leave us a review for a chance to win a package from us with IGNTD and Philosophie goodies. 

[13:30] Millana Snow Interview / Breaking down racism in daily interactions.

GoDaddy School of Hustle Podcast

We are so excited about this new podcast! The School of Hustle podcast is all about real stories from real entrepreneurs about how they are building the businesses of their dreams. Hearing stories from other entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs ourselves has been our saving grace in helping us thrive with our businesses while avoiding unnecessary mistakes. If you want to hear real strategies that you can use to help your own business thrive, you can listen and subscribe to the podcast right now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and YouTube.

[34:00] Shannon McClay of The Financial Gym Interview / There is so much shame around money, here’s how to break free from it and find success.

[38:40] Rick Doblin Interview / MDMA heals physical and mental trauma.

[40:30] Roger Nygard of The Truth About Marriage Interview / The #1 thing relationship experts say that most long lasting relationships share in common.