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Sep 18, 2019

Continuing on our recovery month theme, we have Donny Starkins joining us today! Donny is an international yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher, and personal development coach from Phoenix, Arizona. He is a professional speaker, teacher, and coach leading classes, workshops and seminars all across the world. Donny is also an ambassador for lululemon and works directly on their Mindfulosphy Team as both a yoga/meditation teacher and personal development coach. In addition to that, he is also the official yoga instructor for the Phoenix Suns and educates other professional athletes in the ways of yoga and mindfulness.


What’s really interesting about Donny too, is that his path to recovery is a lot different from my own. He actually went through the 12 steps and AA and has found it has helped him immensely in his recovery. With his story being very different from my own, it was very insightful to hear how it has helped him and hear his own perspective on it.


We hope you’ll tune in to hear more about what led to Donny’s addiction, his path to recovery, his take on traditional recovery, how yoga aided him in his recovery, how the concepts in traditional recovery resonate with him, and how his past became his purpose!


Topics Discussed:

[:44] Reading the review of the week!

[1:33] Sophie shares one of her favorite quotes from Rupi Kaur.

[7:02] The importance of allowing yourself to feel, sharing your feelings, and confronting the root cause of these feelings.

[15:28] Choosing happiness and drowning out the negativity.

[17:12] About today’s interview with and what we really liked about it!

[19:53] What we want you to consider while listening to today’s interview.

[20:45] About all of the incredible IGNTD offerings we have available during National Recovery Month!

[26:25] The conversation portion of today’s podcast.

[26:50] If Donny was an ice cream flavor, which would he be and why?

[30:33] One of the main reasons Donny thinks people go down the addiction route.

[31:30] Donny tells the story of what led to his addiction.

[39:30] What it was like for Donny in traditional recovery (12 steps), why the concept of being “powerless” resonates with him, and how his past became his purpose.

[52:45] Donny explains why AA, 12 steps, and yoga works for him in maintaining his recovery.

[1:01:53] Donny tells us about his transformational coaching program, The Shift.

[1:05:38] What’s the best advice Donny has ever received?

[1:06:11] What has been Donny’s proudest moment?

[1:06:48] What has been one of Donny’s most difficult moments?

[1:07:33] What are some of Donny’s self-care rituals?

[1:09:02] What gets Donny ignited?

[1:10:06] Thanks to Donny for joining us this episode!


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Seane Corn

Revolution of the Soul: Awaken to Love Through Raw Truth, Radical Healing, and Conscious Action, by Seane Corn

IGNTD Episode: “Rewriting Recovery with Mishka Shubaly”

Donny Starkins
The Shift (Donny’s Transformational Coaching & Personal Development for the Mind, Body, & Soul)

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